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Potential 2018 VA 10th CD Dem Candidate Kathy Smith Demands Rep. Barbara Comstock Protect Affordable Care Act


Could Barbara Comstock end up as the deciding vote on the Republican health care bill monstrosity? If she votes yes, she should be aware that we’re coming after her with everything we’ve got in 2018. Of course, we’ll do that even if she votes no, but hey…lol.  With that, here’s one of the (many) potential Democratic candidate against Comstock next year, Fairfax County Supervisor Kathy Smith…


Supervisor Smith demands Rep. Comstock protect Affordable Care Act

Fairfax County Supervisor Kathy L. Smith issued the following statement on tonight’s vote in Congress:

“Fairfax County voters overwhelmingly rejected Donald Trump in November, including voters in the 10th Congressional District where I share over 100,000 constituents with Congresswoman Comstock.   Since the election we have seen the complete breakdown of the Trump Presidency and President Trump’s support is still declining as he attacks federal workers and our local economy.”

Supervisor Smith continued on the vote tonight:  “Over 68,000 Fairfax County residents are enrolled through the Affordable Care Act exchanges.  Even more lack health care coverage because of the Virginia General Assembly’s refusal to expand Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act, a position Congresswoman Comstock took prior to her election to Congress.  Throwing them out of coverage will destroy our health safety net, damage local hospitals and providers and cost local taxpayers tens of millions in additional costs.  It will also raise premiums substantially in our area for those with private coverage.”

Supervisor Smith concluded:  Tonight Congresswoman Comstock must decide if she wants to represent Donald Trump or represent her constituents.  If she chooses to represent Trump, we will hold her accountable for her actions.”

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