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VA GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate Bryce Reeves Really Needs to Listen to Del. Mark Levine and Stop Being a Raving Bigot


First, here’s Del. Mark Levine explaining (on crazy Fox “News” no less) how absurd it is “to blame millions of [peaceful, law-abiding people for the [criminal] actions of one or two” or “to fulminate against all ‘illegals’ because one of them committed a terrible crime.” That, Del. Levine explains, is the very “nature of prejudice.” Del. Levine further explains the obvious, that “the best way to catch criminals is to treat everyone with respect so that people come forward and can be witnesses for those crimes.”

Now, here’s Virginia GOP Lt. Governor candidate Bryce Reeves doing EXACTLY what Mark Levine said you should NOT do. Also being a raving bigot, xenophobe, demagogue, etc., something he clearly feels will appeal to the Virginia Republican “base” electorate. And that is really the scariest part of this, that there are actually people out there who find this bigotry and idiocy appealing. Scary.

  • Dem Lt. Gov. candidate Gene Rossi responds:

    “Politicizing a tragedy is bad enough. Politicizing a tragedy involving a 14 year rape victim is despicable. As a former career prosecutor, I know what it takes to keep people safe. I also know that desperate politicians, painting all immigrants with a hateful brush for their own political benefit, is straight out of the Donald Trump-Steve Bannon playbook – and does nothing to help the victim or bring the perpetrator to justice. Bryce Reeves, shame on you.”

  • Dem. Lt. Gov. candidate Susan Platt campaign statement:

    “Donald Trump began his presidential campaign by declaring immigrants as criminals, and on November 8, Virginians rejected him. Bryce Reeves is now shamefully using Donald Trump’s divisive and dangerous strategy for his own political purposes. Exploiting tragedies and calling immigrants criminals in order to win a few votes is not a strategy that will keep anyone safe. Raiding communities and banning people based on their religion might reflect who Donald Trump and Bryce Reeves are, but that is not who Virginians are.”

  • Aww

    Reeves has always run dirty campaigns filled with falsehoods. He dragged Edd Houck’s name through the mud, and the Fredericksburg area is a lot worse off

    • Yep, Reeves is horrible. Not sure Vogel’s any better though…