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Video: Basically Every Word Coming Out of Bob Goodlatte’s Mouth Is a Lie or Distortion


See below for video of Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (aka, BADlatte’s) Facebook town hall (note that it’s not a REAL town hall, because BADlatte’s apparently afraid to face his constituents in person) earlier today. See if you can find all the lies and distortions in what he says. Hint: the lies and distortions are endless, so good luck!

For instance, BADlatte makes a whole series of wildly false and/or disingenuous claims about the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” and Trumpcare/Ryancare. Then, BADlatte essentially claims we should gut the EPA and protections against polluters trashing our environment, but somehow still protect the environment. This lying liar also claims that Trump’s budget will balance the budget, even though the part of the budget it slashes (domestic discretionary programs) is not growing and has nothing to do with driving the deficit/debt. Oh, and BADlatte’s answer to the question on term limits is priceless. Remember, this is the guy who pledged to stay in Congress for a maximum of 12 years, yet has now been there for 24 years now.  Yet somehow it’s ok that he broke his promise because he is SO valuable, 6th CD voters just can’t do without his greatness! LOL

P.S. Also check out BADlatte’s “Rick Perry ‘whoops’ moment,” when he tries to name the six majority-Muslim countries covered by Trump’s #MuslimBan (“Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and…one more that I’m not coming up with right at the moment here”). What a doofus. Oh, he also claims that this is all about the “vetting process” and is “not a Muslim ban,” which is yet another lie.

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