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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Endorses Tom Perriello for Governor of Virginia


I was wondering if Bernie Sanders would endorse Tom Perriello for governor of Virginia, but was thinking he might just stay out of it. Well…guess what? The question is, how big a deal is this? I’ve always felt that if Perriello were endorsed by Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, that would be “yuge,” so to speak. To date, Perriello has now been endorsed by a slew of Obama staffers and also now by Sanders. Is an Obama endorsement coming? Stay tuned…

Sanders Endorses Perriello for Governor of Virginia

WASHINGTON – Sen. Bernie Sanders issued the following statement Tuesday endorsing Tom Perriello for governor of Virginia:

“We need to elect progressives at every level of government if we are going to beat back the dangerous agenda of the Trump administration and its Republican allies. Now more than ever we need people in elected office who will fight for middle-income and working families. That’s why I am so pleased today to endorse Tom Perriello for governor of Virginia.

“Tom is committed to fighting the rigged economy and income inequality. He was the first major statewide candidate in Virginia to run on a $15 minimum wage and the first to say two years of community college should be tuition-free. He is standing up to fossil fuel corporations and special interests in opposing two fracked gas pipelines that would cut across Virginia. He thrust criminal justice reform and ending our school-to-prison pipeline to the forefront of the race.

“At a time when the Trump administration and congressional Republicans are fighting to destroy the Affordable Care Act, Tom is one who fought hard for its passage when he was a member of Congress. He is a committed progressive who will stand up for working families in Richmond.”


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