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Video: Anti-LGBT Hatefest, Anti-Abortion Extremist Fest by Ed Gillespie, Corey Stewart et al at GOP Debate


Can these people be any more ignorant, bigoted and extreme than Ed Gillespie and Company?  Check out Gillespie as he talks (this past Saturday at a GOP forum in Amherst, VA) about wanting to ban abortion completely in Virginia, as he tries to out-compete crazy Corey Stewart for the most extreme candidate on abortion and transgender kids, etc. It’s really frightening to listen to these guys – and of course they’re guys – and the cheering audience of old white people. Check it out — and make sure we elect either Tom Perriello or Ralph Northam governor of Virginia this November!

Gillespie: “I believe that life begins at conception and ends at natural death.” Gillespie touts his support from extremists like Dave LaRock, Dick Black, etc. Gillespie says “I would like to see abortion be banned because I think it is the taking of an innocent human life.”

Also check out Corey Stewart vowing to sign the Virginia equivalent of North Carolina’s disgraceful, bigoted, anti-transgender HB-2 if he’s elected governor. Then check out Ed Gillespie claiming (falsely, of course) that this is about “compelling teenage girls to share locker room showers with teenage boys…compelling teenager girls to have to way in a hotel room with a teenage boy on an overnight band trip…We cannot put at risk and in jeopardy our young children and teenage girls…” Disgusting. In fact, transgender kids are FAR FAR FAR more “at risk” and “in jeopardy” from anti-gay bullies than they will ever pose to anyone. This is fearmongering, demagoguery, and utterly disgraceful by Ed Gillespie, who SHOULD be ashamed of himself but of course won’t be.


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