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Tomorrow Morning in Harrisonburg: Publicly Issuing the Challenge to Bob Goodlatte


Tomorrow morning, at Bob Goodlatte’s office at 70 North Mason Street in Harrisonburg, at 10 AM, I will be publicly issuing the challenge to Goodlatte described here a couple of weeks ago.

The more supporters show up, the better. So if you’re within reach of Harrisonburg, I hope you’ll consider coming to show the flag.

It looks like we will have good press coverage (one radio station, one TV station, at least one newspaper).

The challenge is to debate the proposition:

“We, the American people, have probable cause to believe that President Donald Trump poses a threat to our constitutional order.”

The challenge is designed so that Goodlatte cannot escape — just by ignoring this challenge — the public pressure to honor his oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

By April 14, the challenge states, he must either accept the challenge to debate, or publicly agree with that proposition, or begin holding serious hearings in the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether this president has committed impeachable offenses– Or else…

If he does none of those, the challenge states, I will then challenge the GOP’s 6th District Committee to send someone to debate me on the proposition:

“Bob Goodlatte is violating his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

That challenge will come with a specific date and time and place. And if the Republicans send no one to engage in that debate, then I will deliver a statement — one hopes to a public audience and the news media — that makes a case for the validity of that proposition– which indicts both Goodlatte and Trump.

Again, I present all this again in the hopes of inspiring some of the readers here to show up, and impress the media that this issue — Trump’s quite likely violations of law and Constitution, and the House Republicans’ (non only Nunes’) unacceptable choice to protect a corrupt president rather than the Constitution– is one that many people care about.

Goodlatte is a most fitting target to dramatize this issue. Of all the 435 congressional districts in the nation, the 6th District in Virginia is the very one that is represented by the Chair of the one committee responsible for matters of impeachment.

This is not just a local story.


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