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Video: Tea Partiers Howl with Delight as Corey Stewart Rips “Weak-Kneed…Weak Jawed” Ed Gillespie


For anyone who thinks that the Democratic governor’s race is rough, well….check out the video from today’s Tea Party-sponsored Virginia Republican gubernatorial debate. First, Corey Stewart rips Ed Gillespie for not showing up “at a single Trump rally” and for kicking Trump “when he was down” following the Access Hollywood video. Stewart asks Gillespie, “Isn’t it true [that] when the chips are down and Republicans and Republican candidates need to rely upon someone, they cannot rely upon you and that you refuse to be anywhere next to Donald Trump?” Gillespie defends himself by declaring that if he’s not the nominee and “Republican voters of Virginia choose one of these two folks on the stage today…I will support our ticket.” Gillespie adds that he’s proud to have been with Mike Pence after the VP debate and “the Saturday after Corey got fired.” Stewart gets in one last shot: “You’re not going to answer the question.” Which is true, actually – Gillespie dodged it.

But wait, it gets even better, as Stewart rips into Gillespie. Check it out: “Others talk, I deliver…Others talk about cutting spending, about a tax decrease that will never happen because he won’t cut spending, not a single nickel…Others talk about illegal immigration, but they do nothing about it…I am not running to represent Ed Gillespie and all the other establishment, weak-kneed, weak-chinned, weak-jawed Republicans out there….He lost [in 2014]. He lost because he has no leadership skills. He’s wishy washy. He won’t stand on any controversial issue.”

Great stuff, huh? Love the unhinged howls by the Tea Party crazies in the audience at Corey’s mention of defending their “heritage” (translation: the Confederacy), by the way. What a bunch, huh?


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