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As Democracy Unravels, Are Republicans Like Bob Goodlatte Patriots or Not?


A few cheery questions for this morning: 1) are there any Congressional Republicans, or for that matter ANY Republicans left who are true patriots, willing to stand up for rule of law? democracy? America from being undermined/destroyed by a foreign adversary – Russia in this case?; 2) without American democracy and a livable climate, both of which look to be in the process of dying, are there any grounds for optimism about the future?; 3) is there any serious chance we survive the next four years as a democracy? how about physically?; 4) as for Bob Goodlatte, there’s no doubt about his wild hypocrisy – Clinton was evil for lying about a blow job but Trump…meh, whatever – but is there ANY chance a miracle might occur and he might grow a spine, balls, etc, in the next few days/weeks? (ok, probably not)

  • Elaine Owens

    I’ll put it this way, Bob Goodlatte is no Caldwell Butler. Butler was the Republican congressman who served before Goodlatte. (There was a wonderful 10-year interregnum between Butler and Goodlatte when Jim Olin, a moderate Democrat, was the 6th District congressman.) Butler was a freshman congressman when he broke with his party and voted in committee for the impeachment of Richard Nixon. When he did that he remarked that Republicans were supposed to stand against corruption and misconduct. Here’s the irony: Goodlatte’s first job out of college and law school was as an aide to Caldwell Butler. Obviously, he learned nothing from Butler’s integrity and honesty. Goodlatte was eager to spout his platitudes about “integrity ” in office when there was a Democratic president. Now…nope. But, then, we all should have realized what a corrupt piece of drippy doo-doo he is when he tried to eliminate ethics for Congress at the start of this session.

  • Note: In early April, Andy Schmookler challenged Bob Goodlatte to debate the proposition: The American people have probable cause to believe that President Trump is a threat to our constitutional order.

    Bob Goodlatte, as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee –where inquiries into possible impeachable offenses should begin – has a special responsibility here. But of course, Goodlatte did not accept the challenge.

    And so Andy has challenged the Republican Party’s 6th District Committee to send someone to debate him on the proposition: Bob Goodlatte is violating his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    Come and show your support at this event. It will be on Thursday evening, May 11, at 7:30 in the Board of Supervisors’ room in the Rockingham County Government Building, 20 East Gay Street in Harrisonburg.