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Edwin Santana: Why I’m Running for Congress in VA-01


Guest post from Edwin Santana, Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s 1st CD. Other announced Democrats vying to take on Rep. Rob Wittman (R) are “author, professional genealogist, historian, and professional speaker” Vangie Williams and Prince William County School Board Chair Ryan Sawyers. May the best candidate win!

As a Marine, I took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath didn’t stop when I took my uniform off for the last time.

Since our current president has taken office, our community, state, country, and our way of life has been under attack.  That’s why I’m running for congress in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District.

There is a daily assault on the values and ideals that make us Americans. Our current congressman pays lip service to representing the people of the 1st Congressional District, but the bottom line is—he will always vote with the president—100% of the time. Our communities are being upended and immigrants, legal or otherwise, no longer feel safe. Our streams are being used as dumping grounds for coal ash, and some view our Chesapeake as nothing more than an economic opportunity to be exploited.

Our health care is under siege – again. House Republicans are trying to take insurance away from almost 24 million Americans and eviscerate necessary protections for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

The Trump Administration’s economic agenda is a giveaway to the top 1 percent and largest corporations at the expense of middle class families. In Congress, I will fight for tax fairness, wage equality and help middle class families get their kids into college tuition free for two years.

As a father, husband, Marine and your next Congressman, I will stand against this downward spiraling trend and will bring respect, compassion, and plain common decency back to government. I will stand against any political or economic short-term gains that will be at the expense of the environment or our children’s future. I earned the right to lead the men and women of our nation’s finest fighting force and I embrace the challenge of earning the right to represent you.

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