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Exciting night at FBI HQ (exciting nights in DC)


The core of Washington, DC, is ‘dead’ in evening: between museums and government offices, the streets are truly quiet most of the time outside ‘normal’ working hours. While I love taking visitors on ‘Washington by Night’ tours (visiting monuments), this isn’t normal ‘must see’ DC time.  Thanks to DonaldTrump’s kakistocracy (government by most unethical and incompetent in society) and #TrumpRussia, evenings in DC are heating up.

Thank you to #Resistance activities, here is the FBI HQ last evening:


Two simple truths projected onto the FBI HQ:

  • #SessionsMustGo
  • #WeNeedToSeeTheMemo

Here is Trump International the other evening.

Trump International Hotel: Doors Open to Emoluments

The man behind piece is Robin Bell, a social justice artis and activist and multimedia journalist. Bell’s been projecting things onto the Trump property, just blocks from the White House, since the election in November. He first gathered attention in 2015 projecting “#JaredLies” alongside poop emojis in protest of the building of a local Subway restaurant.

Bell also projected the emoluments clause of the Constitution upon the wall of the hotel, alongside the words ‘Emoluments Welcome’ and images of the Turkish, Chinese, Saudi Arabian, and Russian flags.

Simply put, thank you Robin … and I — along with millions of others — can’t wait to see what you (and others) might do tonight (and tomorrow and … ) to help bring to light (amid the darkness of DC nights) @TeamTrump corruption, incompetence, collusion with Russians (treason?), and other ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’.



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