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Northam Campaign To Air Two New Ads: “Emily” and “Build”


From the Northam for Governor campaign:

Northam Campaign To Air Two New Ads: “Emily” and “Build”

Richmond, VA – Today, the Northam campaign announced it will begin airing two news ads, entitled “Emily” and “Build”. This come two weeks after the campaign announced it would go up on the air in Northern Virginia with “Listening” and “Principles”, adding on to its substantial buy across the Commonwealth.

“Emily” features Lori Haas, mother of Emily, a student wounded in the shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007 and Virginia State Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, which has endorsed the lieutenant governor in the Democratic primary. In the ad, Haas discusses the lieutenant governor’s leadership in standing up to the NRA in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting.

In “Build”, Northam shares his vision for an economy with opportunity for all Virginians, no matter who you are, no matter you where you live.

Watch “Emily”

Watch “Build”

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