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Video: Large Crowd Marches for Tom Perriello in Falls Church Memorial Day Parade; Dick Saslaw Not Pleased (LOL)


Ah, memories of the 2006 Falls Church Memorial Day Parade, when a huge crowd of enthusiastic supporters marched for Jim Webb (note: two weeks later, Webb went on to win the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate over Harris Miller, who had almost nobody at the Falls Church Memorial Day Parade). So, we’ll see if past is prologue — but today, no doubt, “Team Tom” kicked butt, with a large crowd of staff, volunteers and supporters chanting “GO TOM GO!” as they marched with the Falls Church City Democratic Committee. No sign of Team Susan Platt, Team Ed Gillespie, Team Corey Stewart, Team Jill Vogel, Team Bryce Reeves or Team Glenn Davis), but I did see a few marchers for Ralph Northam and for Democratic LG candidates Justin Fairfax and Gene Rossi, as well as for far-right-wingnut Republican AG candidate John Adams. It was great to see Tom Perriello diving into the crowd (which is something Webb absolutely HATED to do, by the way), shaking tons of hands and working up a nice sweat. Check out the video below, also of Del. Marcus Simon saying hi and some other good stuff from the parade today. Fun times, and more to the point, just 15 days until primary day. Go Tom Go!

The Falls Church City Democratic Committee marches, followed by a large crowd for Tom Perriello, as well as several Justin Fairfax supporters (and signs) and a couple for Gene Rossi. No sign of any other statewide Democratic candidates…

Tom Perriello shakes hands, dives into the crowd…hopefully wins some votes!

And more of the same…good stuff.

Sensing a theme here? LOL

Check out Ralph Northam supporter Sen. Dick Saslaw (D-Falls Church) on the reviewing stand (in the middle – white hair, wearing a black shirt), not at ALL looking pleased as the big “Team Tom” group crosses the finish line at the end of the parade.

Following the parade, “Team Tom” gathers for a triumphal photo, led by Tom’s Communications Director Ian Sams.

Also check out Del. Marcus Simon (D-Falls Church), as he marches in his home town’s parade and says hi to yours truly as he passes by.

And here’s right wingnut AG candidate John Adams — no, definitely not THAT John Adams in any way/shape/form. LOL

And the polar opposite of Adams — gun violence prevention marchers; the good guys, in other words, handing out stickers emphasizing that universal background checks save lives.

Not sure if it was just my imagination, but the crowd of Bolivian dancers – love them, by the way! – seemed smaller this year. The Trump effect? Ugh if true… 🙁

No Falls Church Memorial Day Parade would be complete without bagpipes marching…a sound like no other instrument.

A one-minute moment of silence for Memorial Day 2017 and to remember all who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.


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