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Tuesday News: “The Adventures of Jared Kushner”; GOP “Dreads” Upcoming Debt, Budget Votes


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, May 30.

  • Quizzical

    All the former Trump campaign folks who are currently in the White House, and who had clandestine contacts with Russians, have to go immediately. That’s the minimum that has to be done.

  • True Blue

    More Russia in the White House – Is there any question about intent? They “went to Jared” or he to them. Either way, it’s appalling that Republicans are not outraged that an un-elected son-in-law of the (now) president had discussions during the transition with the Russian ambassador to promote secret communication channels. The security clearance needs to be revoked asap, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I’m loving comments by the many apologists for the tweeter-in-chief; Hope Hick’s statement about his character was definitely a segment for a future SNL skit; a fantasy land. Funny, my auto-correct changes (lower-case) potus to pouts. Apropos!

  • Andrew Sneathern Announces Bid for US Congress with Support of Gold Star Father Khizr Khan

    [Charlottesville, VA] This afternoon, Andrew Sneathern, an attorney and former prosecutor, will announce his candidacy for Virginia’s 5th Congressional district at Champion Brewing Company in Charlottesville. Sneathern enters the race with the endorsement of Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father who gained national attention sparring with Donald Trump following last year’s Democratic National Convention. “We need good people who will take a stand against hateful ideology.” Khan said, “I support Andrew Sneathern because we know he will stand up for those who do not have a voice in the 5th District.”

    At his announcement today, Sneathern plans to deliver a positive message of inclusion and economic possibility for the 5th Congressional District while insisting a new type of leadership will be needed to succeed. “For too long the Democratic Party has sounded like it was talking down to us, or over us, but rarely listened to us. I think I can be an honest broker, and I’m going to start by listening.”

    In his career, Andrew Sneathern has served as a prosecutor in Missouri and Virginia, as well as a civil rights attorney for the General Counsel in the US Department of Agriculture, before starting his own law practice in Charlottesville. He was born on a farm just outside of a small town in southeast Missouri. “Out of the seven kids that grew up on our farm, only two remain working the land that once was able to support every member of my family.” Sneathern says, “I understand first hand the problems that face much of our district.”

    Sneathern will end his speech today with a tribute to Humayun Khan, who Sneathern describes as “…a proud Muslim American and an American soldier who, when it was his time, gave his life for his country and to protect those who served with him.” Sneathern will go on to say that the sacrifice of heroes like Khan must inspire us to action, “their courage should and must spur us on, in this moment, our moment, to stand up.”

  • More lunacy from neo-Confederate VA GOP gov candidate Corey Stewart

    Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart is calling on Northam and Perriello to denounce Susan Platt’s call for the removal of all Confederate monuments in Virginia, and the renaming of all highways and buildings named after Confederates.

    “Susan Platt attacked Virginia’s heritage by calling for the statewide destruction and erasing of Virginia’s history. Should the Democrats win in November, they will destroy every last piece of history and heritage in the Commonwealth.” Stewart continued, “We already know Ed Gillespie would not stop leftist localities from desecrating memorials to Virginia’s war heroes, but I call on Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam to denounce this politically correct madness and make it clear to the voters that they will not accept this attack on memorials to Virginia’s veterans and war heroes — on Memorial Day weekend no less.”