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Video: Ralph Northam, Tom Perriello “Debate for the State”


I was totally distracted by the Comey breaking news and the unfolding disaster for our country’s democracy, so I wasn’t particularly focused on this Virginia Democratic gubernatorial debate, to be honest. But for the record, it was hosted by Progress Virginia, Black PAC, New Virginia Majority, SEIU Virginia 512, and Virginia AFL-CIO and took place at the IBEW Local 666 Union Hall in Highland Springs, VA. Here’s the video, which I’ve uploaded to YouTube for easy viewing…

  • Phils

    I live in Virginia and a few weeks ago I was on the fence with these two, but in recent weeks, I’ve begun to favor Perriello. I have difficulty believing Northam will uphold democratically leaning views on many issues considering he is a fresh Republican-turned-Democrat whom voted twice for Bush. I also thought Perriello’s recent ad crushing an ambulance shortly after the AHCA vote in the U.S. House was brilliant (it even noted in a favorite national political blog I read daily).

    Watching this debate simply solidified my favoring of Perriello as he mentioned education (to me, probably the most important topic that needs addressing) in both his opening and closing statements. I found Northam’s idea in asking college graduates to give back in community service lacking and favored Perriello’s approach here. I also believe healthcare should be right to all Americans, and Northam’s position revealed recently from an old debate that it’s instead a privilege I find unacceptable. One of the most abhorrent moments in politics that sticks in my mind is when Ron Paul basically agreed in a debate that an American should be just left to die outside of a hospital because they didn’t have health insurance. This right versus privilege debate, I feel, hearkens back to that moment, and underscore why I consider it a right.

    I don’t believe Northam is a bad guy (I actually voted for him against the Republican for his current office position), but last night I saw fire in Perriello’s eyes as he called out Ed Gillespie numerous times, something which I don’t recall Northam doing once. Perriello seems ready to take the fight to the likely Republican and Republicans in our local congress. I’m still voting for the Democrat in the general election regardless whom wins this primary, but so far, Perriello has my vote for this upcoming primary.