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Video: Tom Perriello Town Hall in Sterling (Plus, “Not Larry Sabato” Live Tweets)


Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett was there last night at Tom Perriello’s town hall meeting in Steerling; here are his live tweets from the event. Also see the video, below.

“Here livetweeting @tomperriello’s townhall in Loudoun County. Third time this year he’s had a free event within 5 miles of where I live…I would be thrilled to livetweet a Northam townhall but there hasn’t been one out my way recently…Wow it’s only three weeks until the primary…The pipelines are costing over 6 billion? Had not heard that before…First question is about how to appeal to the red parts of western loudoun…Tom says he has learned in last 10 years that you can’t find common ground with everyone no matter how hard you try…Another new thing that I hadn’t heard before– @tomperriello calling for some amount of energy production to be required to be locally…Obviously more locally produced energy in communities would probably be renewable so an interesting way to message renewable energy…It is really challenging to get Tom into 140 characters, he goes into depth on every single issue.”

P.S. Note to Ben; Tom’s been talking about local energy production since the start of his campaign. Tom’s also been noting since very early in his campaign that Dominion’s proposed fracked gas pipelines would cost $6 billion, money that would be far better invested in clean energy.


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