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Part 2 of New Q-Poll: Virginia Voters Want Universal Background Checks, Strongly Oppose Trumpcare, Dislike Trump


Here are some highlights from part 2 of the new Virginia Quinnipiac Poll, for whatever polling is worth these days!

  • Virginia voters support 91-8 percent, including 88-11 percent among Republicans, requiring background checks for all gun buyers” (OK, on this question, I believe it, because a gazillion polls have show almost identical results for years now…)
  • “New gun laws won’t interfere with the right to own guns, voters say 60-30 percent.” (Ditto)
  • “Virginia voters support 55-41 percent a nationwide ban on high-capacity magazines for guns and support 56-37 percent a nationwide ban on assault weapons.” (Ditto)
  • “The way people talk about politics these days contributes to violent events, such as last week’s mass shooting in Alexandria, voters say 76-17 percent.” (I’d be one of the 17%, as based on reading dozens of history books, it seems to me that politics has always been nasty; the big difference in this country is the proliferation of guns of all types, including in the hands of mentally unstable people)
  • Only 3% of Virginians believe it’s “too difficult to buy a gun in Virginia today,” while 48% say it’s “too easy to buy a gun in Virginia today.” That’s a 16:1 ratio, by the way…
  • “Virginia voters give President Donald Trump a negative 40-57 percent job approval rating, compared to a negative 36-57 percent approval in an April 11 poll.” (Amazing he’s up at all, but that’s still godawful)
  • “Virginia voters disapprove 57-25 percent of the Republican health care plan to replace Obamacare. Republicans approve 61-16 percent…Voters in every other listed party gender, education, age and racial group disapprove. ” (I bet that includes rural and working-class Republicans, who will be disproportionately – and BADLY – hurt by Trumpcare)
  • “Virginia voters oppose 61-33 percent decreasing federal funding for Medicaid. Republicans are divided 45-47 percent, while every other listed group is opposed.”

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