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Video: Four Democrats Explain Why They Can – and Should – Beat VA Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (R-HD13)


Here’s video from the debate last night in HD-13, home of wild-eyed, ineffective Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (far-far-right R). Clearly, any of these four candidates —  Danica Roem (Blue Virginia Q&A here), Steve Jansen (Blue Virginia Q&A here), Mansimran Kahlon (one of the only candidates I sent a Blue Virginia questionnaire to this year who did not respond; got me!), Andrew Adams (I was never able to connect with Adams, but would still welcome his Q&A responses) — would be infinitely better than “Sideshow Bob.” Check out the video and, if you live in HD-13, make sure you vote for one of these good Democrats on June 13.

P.S. Moderating the debate is my friend Atif Qarni, who previously ran against “Sideshow Bob” and barely lost to him. Also, great photos as always by Mike Beaty and thanks to Brian Pace for the video! Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton won HD-13 by 14 points, which means that if Democrats turn out in November, we win. So let’s do it!

Opening Statements

Why would you be the best option to defeat Bob Marshall in the general election?

What is the most important issue/main priority in the 13th district?

Question on climate change, reproductive choice and gun control.

Question on working with independents, “moderates,” bipartisanship.

Closing Statement


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