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Saturday News: “We were a superpower once…now we’re headed the way of Portugal”; “A few coal executives are thrilled; 194 countries are not.”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, June 3. Also, check out the discussion last night with Mark Shields and David Brooks. Here’s Shields: “in a larger sense, it belies and reveals that president’s sense about the world. The world is a dangerous, sinister place. There’s conspiracies. Other countries are not our friends, are partners. Everything is transactional. There are no fixed values. We saw that, I thought most dramatically, at NATO, where the president showed an absolute absence of any historical understanding of American exceptionalism…. this was an example of the United States working with other nations for a common good to preserve our planet. And he just turned his back on it.” And here’s Brooks: “It was nice to have an American century. We were a superpower once. And now we’re headed the way of Portugal…this wasn’t about global warming. This wasn’t about the environment. This was about sticking a thumb in the eye of polite society, the elites, the globalists. This was a Steve Bannon-led thing designed to change America’s role in the world. And so, to me, the effect is much worse on the global diplomacy and the idea of a world order than it is, at least in the short-term, about climate change. And the effects, I think, are ruinous. You can’t lead the world and stick your thumb in the eye of the world.”


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