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Video: Republicans Are Nothing if Not Predictable in Their (Brain-Dead) Attacks


Hey, I bet you didn’t realize it, but thanks to the Virginia GOP, now you do – heh. Seriously, though, did you now that “liberal voters just chose the most extreme ticket in Virginia history” (not Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain or McDonnell/Bolling/Cuccinelli, of course). That’s right, Northam/Fairfax/Herring are “extreme.” I know, it’s completely laughable, but this is what Republicans do every single time — no matter who we nominate, how liberal/progressive/”moderate”/whatever they are, as long as they have a “D” by their name. Also love the line about how “the most extreme liberals won.” (more commentary below the video)

So now Ralph Northam is more “extreme” than Tom Perriello (note: neither are extreme in any way, of course, but the Republicans – make abortion illegal, guns everywhere, “transvaginal ultrasounds,” Confederate nostalgia, anti-immigrant hysteria and anti-Muslim bigotry, etc, etc. – most certainly are) and Justin Fairfax is more “extreme” than Gene Rossi and Susan Platt? Huh? Oh yeah, and of COURSE get in a shot at Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, just because that’s what Republicans do. Surprising they didn’t mention Nancy Pelosi while they were at it or maybe Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama – why not while they were at it, right? But yeah, when you don’t have any good ideas, only really bad ones, and when a president and Congress run by YOUR PARTY is working on trashing America as we speak, this is the type of crap you spew out. Look forward to nearly 5 months of this from the far-right, no-ideas, no-clue party. Yipee!

Seriously, though, the only answer to the crazy, extreme Virginia GOP? We need to not just win in November, but to win “bigly,” as their fearless leader Donald Trump likes to say. Go Dems!


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