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22 Virginia House Democratic Challengers Outraise Their Republican Opponents


Very interesting table (below; click to “embiggen”), by WinVirginia, whose CEO Tom Perriello says, “It is rare for challengers to outraise incumbents, but for 21 different candidates to achieve this feat shows that Democrats have fielded exceptional candidates, and are talking about the issues Virginians are fired up about for 2017.” Great work by Danica Roem (who absolutely demolished “Sideshow Bob” Marshall), Kathy Tran (who outraised her Republican opponent by more than $30,000), Elizabeth Guzman (ditto), Cheryl Turpin (who outraised her Republican opponent by more than $20,000), Steve McBride (ditto), Sheila Crowley, Chris Hurst, Djuna Osborne, Wendy Gooditis, Steve Aycock, Tia Walbridge, David Reid, Ben Hixon, Morgan Goodman, Willie Randall, Hala Ayala, Francis Edwards, Karrie Delaney, Kelley DeLucia, Flo Ketner, Lee Carter and Stephanie Cook!

  • “Democrats are energized and organized in every corner of the Commonwealth, as our strong fundraising numbers show,” said House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano. “We are even outraising Republicans in rural districts that have previously gone uncontested. These numbers speak to the quality, not just the quantity, of candidates we have recruited and trained. While Republicans in Richmond and in Washington are focused on denying people health care, our candidates are running with a strong economic message that includes expanding access to affordable health care for all Virginians.”

  • Dave Arlington

    Just saw this: http://therepublicanstandard.com/house-republicans-hold-commanding-cash-advantage-moving-2017/

    While it’s nice to see some of our candidates are raising money, the reality is that these incumbents will get the necessary money to run strong through November…our candidates likely won’t. I think it’s time to focus on the state-wides…the House isn’t flipping.

  • Interesting. Especially Bob