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Comments on Sen. John McCain by Virginia Democrats


John McCain is the last Republican I’ve voted for, back in the 2000 Virginia GOP primary. That vote was in part a vote against George W. Bush, but it was also a vote FOR someone I thought at the time was a “Teddy Roosevelt Republican,” someone who had pushed for climate action and campaign finance reform, and who generally seemed to be willing to do what was best for his country, not just his party. Particularly since 2008, when he picked crazy Sarah Palin as his running mate, my opinion of McCain started to go downhill, but even in that campaign, McCain had moments like this one, in which he pushed back (albeit somewhat awkwardly) against the ignorant bigotry of the GOP “base.” So, despite my many and major differences politically with McCain, I still have respect for the man, particularly the sacrifices he made for our country as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. So, of course, I was saddened to learn last night about McCain’s brain cancer diagnosis, the same type of cancer that killed Sen. Ted Kennedy in 2009, and am pulling for McCain’s recovery.

With that, here are some comments from Virginia Democrats wishing McCain well:

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