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Thursday News: Samantha Bee on Trump’s Voter “Integrity” Commission; Trump Attacks His Own AG; McCain Diagnosed with Brain Cancer


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, July 20.

  • Ewww Jackson strongly for UnAmerican voter suppression…


  • Quizzical

    Charlie Cooke’s attack on Louise Mensch.

    I do check in to see what Mensch is saying a couple times a week. At minimum, turnabout is fair play. To those Trump voters who swilled down fake news by the trough, on Facebook, RT, Infowars and then voted on it, how do you like Louise Mensch? As I said, that’s the value of Louise Mensch, at minimum.

    However, it is a fact that Trump does have a lot of secrets, e.g, his finances. He seems very nervous about it. And there are top secret, hush hush investigations going on, e.g. Mueller, the senate Intelligence Committee. And it seems very plausible that our NATO allies view Russia’s interference with our election as having damaged their own national interests, and they might just want to do something about it, e.g., leak information to someone willing to publish it without asking too many questions.

  • Video: Hala Ayala (HD-51) featured on “Women’s March spurs record number of women candidates”


  • Audio: Ed Gillespie happy to have Donald Trump come campaign for him. Kinda says it all.


  • VA GOP’s anti-Semitic “joke” Chair John Whitbeck is SOOOO clever! LOL


  • House Dems Statement on Nomination of Jennifer Carroll Foy in HD 2

    RICHMOND, Va. – House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring issued the following joint statement on the results of today’s primary recount in House District 2:

    “We extend our sincere congratulations to Jennifer Carroll Foy on winning the Democratic nomination in the second House District. Jennifer made history as one of the first black women to graduate from the Virginia Military Institute and has since selflessly served her community as an educator, attorney and foster parent. As a delegate, she will fight to expand access to affordable health care and protect women’s reproductive freedom. We are excited as she now officially kicks off her general election campaign.

    “We would also like to congratulate Josh King on a fair and well-fought campaign. Josh is a veteran with two tours of duty and has protected his community as a deputy sheriff here at home. We look forward to working with him as he continues to serve the people of Virginia.”

    She clenched the Democratic nomination in House of Delegates District 2

    MANASSAS, VA – Jennifer Carroll Foy captured the Democratic nomination today for House of Delegates District 2 (HD-2) by 14 votes, after election officials recounted every ballot cast in the June 13 Democratic primary.

    “I am humbled and grateful to have this opportunity to serve the residents of the Second District, and want to thank Josh King for running a terrific campaign. We won the primary election by running an inclusive, people-centered campaign that engaged thousands of voters in face-to-face conversations,” said Jennifer Carroll Foy, Democratic Nominee for House of Delegates District 2. “I am excited to continue earning the votes of Stafford and Prince William County residents by sharing our vision of a Virginia that works for all of us. People in the Second District deserve top-quality public education with fairly paid teachers, access to affordable health care, and solutions to our broken transportation system. I have devoted my entire life to public service — fighting for those who need a voice as a public defender and foster mother — and hope to serve you as Delegate.”

    District 2 is one of the top targeted red-to-blue House of Delegate districts this year. Republican Delegate L. Mark Dudenhefer (HD-2) announced he was not going to run for re-election and Hillary Clinton won the district by 56%. Democrats came within 125 votes of defeating Del. Dudenhefer in 2015, and Democratic turnout is expected to be even higher this year with the gubernatorial race and record turnout in the Democratic primary this June.

    Josh King’s campaign filed for the recount after the June 13th Primary, in accordance with Virginia election law. Tricia Dunlap of Dunlap Law diligently represented Jennifer Carroll Foy throughout the recount process. Both Jennifer Carroll Foy and Tricia Dunlap are graduates of Emerge Virginia, a program that trains women to run for office. Jennifer is also supported by Emily’s List, #VoteProChoice, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Run for Something, Flippable, and Our Revolution NOVA.

    “Jennifer Carroll Foy is the progressive leader we need, in a year where we see a wave of enthusiasm for Democrats up and down the ballot,” said Teddy Smyth, Carroll Foy’s campaign manager. “Voters are tired of heartless Republican policies that would kick thousands of people off of their health care here in the second district, that prioritize corporate interests over students, teachers, and workers, that take away women’s healthcare, and that yank immigrant children away from their families. The choice in this election is clear: Jennifer has devoted her life to serving children and the most vulnerable members of our society while Jennifer’s opponent is a career lobbyist and former employee of a Koch Brothers-funded organization that pioneered using dark money to influence politics. Laquan Austion is simply too extreme for the people of the Second District.”

  • Video: Elon Musk speaks to National Governors Association, warns about AI existential threat to humanity, says we could power the US with solar