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Rising Star Jennifer Carroll Foy Has Cranked It Up Big Time; Let’s Help Her Win Back This Seat for the Democrats!


This November, Virginia voters have a great opportunity to send a message to Trump — and to the Trump-enabling, far-right Republican Party — by sweeping the three statewide races (Ralph Northam for Governor, Justin Fairfax for Lt. Governor, Mark Herring for reelection as Attorney General) and also by picking up as many House of Delegates seats as possible. Which House of Delegates races should we concentrate most of our time, money and energy on? I’ve argued, repeatedly, that we should focus first on the 17 districts won by Hillary Clinton in November but currently held by a Republican. I’ve gone further and ranked the top 18, most-competitive Virginia House of Delegates districts based on Clinton’s margin of victory, whether or not there’s an incumbent Republican in the seat (note that in some cases, the incumbent has bailed), how strong the Democratic candidate is, etc, etc.

Based on those criteria, IMHO the district where Democrats have the best chance this November to pick up a Republican-held seat is the 2nd (parts of Prince William and Stafford Counties), where incumbent Del. Mark Dudenhefer (R) is stepping down, where Hillary Clinton won with 56% of the vote, and where Democrats have an extremely impressive nominee, Jennifer Carroll Foy. In recent weeks, Carroll Foy has really been cranking up her campaign, which I’ll get to in a second. First, though, here’s some background on her that demonstrates why I think she’s so impressive.

  • She is a public defender who “represent[s] some of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable citizens including adolescents, the indigent and the mentally ill,” and “also an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College.”
  • While at Petersburg High School, she “earned a full scholarship to Virginia Military Institute and enrolled in the third class of female cadets to attend the historically all-male college.”
  • After that, she “attended Virginia State University for my Master’s degree where [she] graduated with honors,” then “was an adjunct professor at the Virginia State University and Richard Bland Community College briefly before enrolling into law school.”
  • “After graduating law school with cum laude honors, [she] attained a litigation associate position with a law firm in Los Angeles, California. Shortly after [her] return to Virginia, [she] had the privilege of serving the citizens of Richmond as a Magistrate.”
  • She founded “the Foundation for Foster and Orphan Children, a 501(c) 3 organization,” whose “mission to help build a better future for foster and orphan children in Virginia and beyond.” She “also greatly enjoyed being a foster parent for a number of years.”
  • From her Blue Virginia interview, she is passionate about education, protecting women’s rights and improving the economy.
  • She is a strong environmentalist who “believe[s] that global climate change is one of the biggest threats facing all of humanity.” She supports “a strong renewable energy standard that mandates a large increase in Virginia’s use of renewable energy” and opposes “pipelines, fracking, coal plants or offshore drilling.”
  • She has signed Activate Virginia’s pledge “never to accept campaign contributions from either Dominion or Appalachian Power.”
  • She is a strong progressive who supports the LGBTQ community, closing the “gun show loophole,” reining in predatory lenders, defending immigrants from xenophobic attacks, supporting workers and organized labor, etc, etc.

With that incredibly impressive background, the main thing Jennifer Carroll Foy requires right now is all of our support. Need some more motivation? Here’s what Carroll Foy and her team have been up to in recent days. Enjoy – and go Jennifer!

#TeamCarrollFoy had a great time knocking on hundreds doors this weekend and meeting supporters all across our district. We like to say that we are people-powered, but it turns out we’re also K-9 powered! Tag a friend (or a furry friend) who would be interested in joining #TeamCarrollFoy.

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20 hrsIt’s a great day to knock doors in Freedom!
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It may have been raining on and off today but that didn’t stop our dedicated volunteers! We are determined to flip this district and make sure that the General Assembly in Richmond works for EVERYONE. Sign up to knock doors with us — https://goo.gl/forms/bmU6kqYoAdrwy6AZ2
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We all know what happens when Democrats don’t vote. We won’t let that happen this time. We will only make real change in our district when we elect Democrats up and down the ballot. That’s why I am so excited to be part of this Democratic team. Take action with our campaign here —-> https://goo.gl/forms/bmU6kqYoAdrwy6AZ2

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First official campaign video shoot

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We should applaud any and everyone who fights for our nation despite one’s race, religion, or gender identity. This type of discrimination cannot be tolerated and must be condemned.

Ralph Northam will definitely be the funniest governor of the Commonwealth. We’re thrilled to have his help in flipping the Second District. Tag a friend who wants to get involved in our campaign!

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As of today, it has been EIGHT YEARS since the minimum wage has increased in Virginia. Virginia is one of 21 states in the country where the minimum wage is stuck at $7.25/hour.

I truly understand the importance of raising the minimum wage. I have a family member who works a minimum wage job and makes less than $15,000 per year, working 40 hours a week. He is trying to support his two children on that salary. And frankly, it’s nearly impossible.

In the House of Delegates I would fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. More than 1 million workers across the Commonwealth would get a raise by 2024 if we raised the minimum wage to $15/hour – and thousands more have family members like mine who deserve to be paid fairly for their hard work. No one should work full time and make starvation wages. Please join our campaign in the #FightFor15.

Speaking to people yesterday at the Manassas Coordinated Campaign Office opening, one thing is very clear: Voters all across Northern Virginia are fired up and hungry for change. They are tired of being represented by extreme Republicans who don’t find solutions to the problems in our community. We MUST do better.

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WE WON THE RECOUNT! The recount is over, and we won by 14 votes. I’d love to extend an enormous THANK YOU to the people of the Second District for your trust and support, and to Josh King for running a terrific campaign. I am humbled and grateful to be the Democratic nominee and have the chance to potentially serve all of District 2 as Delegate.

We will win in November together — from Stafford, Quantico, and Roseville to Dumfries, Dale City, and Woodbridge — by fighting for a Virginia that works for all of us. From paying teachers more and making sure all workers receive a fair, livable wage, to expand Medicaid to hundred of thousands of Virginians, to fighting against any attempt to roll back women’s healthcare, to making sure big corporations like Dominion Power cannot pollute our community at Possum Point or anywhere, to getting more family time by fixing our broken transportation system — we will run a campaign focused on fixing local issues that matter to our neighbors. We will win this seat with people power and we can’t do it without you. Join us!

Tonight, our campaign is launching into full swing. Sign up for our email list, share this page with your friends, and donate $17 right now. We need your support to win! Click here ->> https://goo.gl/2nzDeH

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Ready to roll to help elect Jennifer Carroll Foy to the Virginia House of Delegates in 100 days or so?  If so, please click here to volunteer and/or donate. Thanks.
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