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Sunday News: Australian Journalist’s Brutally Spot-On Demolition of Trump; “Virginia needs to step up” on Climate


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, July 9.

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    Suit brings problem of spent nuclear fuel disposal, and federal government’s failure to act, to the front burner.

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    California and New Mexico litigation over enforcement of methane rule.

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    Looks like Chris Uhlmann, the Australian tv reporter, didn’t get the memo that the way to influence Trump is first to flatter him bigly.

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    Smith Island, Maryland to get public funds for erosion control projects.

    As one native of Smith Island argued eloquently,

    “There’s too much wasted money in this country to let Smith Island wash away — to let somebody lose their home,” he says. However, he does not believe that the sea level is rising.

    It’s a great argument though. Let me try it: There’s too much money wasted in this country to let any citizen go without health insurance – to let somebody and his or her family lose everything because they got sick and couldn’t afford insurance (and in the end, we all get sick).

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      But it’s is in Maryland right? They can do want they want with their money. But wait: “Most of the $9 million for the project is coming from the federal
      budget, with about a tenth from the Maryland Department of Natural
      Resources and Somerset County.” They are using storm relief money from the federal government as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

  • Video: Sen. John McCain says “there has to be a price to pay” for Russian meddling, but what’s he going to DO about it???


    • True Blue

      In response to the voter suppression commission, with concern about past/future Russian meddling in American elections, and with a warning on the site to which this state information is supposed to be sent,

      I’ll be writing to Kobach, Trump, Pence, the administration, and any in Congress who think that our personal data should be stored in Pence’s control on a White House server –

      “You go first!”

  • Video: Former CIA Director John Brennan Says WH Classified Leaks “Appalling”


  • Video: Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Working with Russia on Cybersecurity One of Dumbest Ideas

  • Dan Rather:

    Farce may make for a fun night at the theater. But farce in the governance of your country is terrifying.

    Yet that is where we are once again this morning. The President of the United States has hit is Twitter account with yet more incoherence and dangerous misunderstandings of reality. He suggests that we form “an impenetrable Cyber Security unit” with Russia? He seems to buy the assurances from Vladimir Putin, a trained KGB agent, that the Russians didn’t meddle in the election?

    As the former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara tweeted with tongue firmly in cheek, “When pursuing a corrupt politician, mobster or murderer on strong FBI evidence, if he “vehemently denied it,” we just dropped it usually.”

    In a recent post I referred to Mr. Trump as the “leader of the free world,” long a phrase for journalists seeking a synonym for president. Many of you questioned the validity of this convention in the comments section. After the latest G20 Summit, where the world once again took the measure of our President and saw no leadership or sense of understanding of the burdens of freedom, I can see understand the argument for retiring the phrase.

    But the reality remains that the United States is still a very important nation on the world stage and the President has tremendous powers. The fact that he is wielding them with such recklessness makes the situation all the more perilous. Once again I ask, what of his many enablers? When will they see what the rest of the world is seeing and say enough is enough?