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Video: Sen. Mark Warner – “I have never seen so much smoke and so many possible threats” on Russia/Trump


Sen. Mark Warner on Fareed Zakaria GPS this morning (see video below; bolding added by me for emphasis): “First of all, let’s take a step back and really go through what we know are facts. One, that Russia intervened in our election in a way where they both stole emails, released those emails to try to help Mr. Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton. Second, in a way that was unprecedented, they had a massive use of fake news and false information…that was harmful to Hillary Clinton…[The social media sites] were totally unprepared for this kind of activity in the American election. And third, we’ve seen that Russia has attacked 21 states’ electoral systems…We know all of those facts…The one individual in Washington who does not accept those facts is Donald Trump, and the question is why…His job is to make sure we protect our country, and he’s not doing that…I thought we would be further along in this investigation by July 4, but I also never anticipated the fact that the president would fire the FBI Director…his Attorney General have to recuse himself…We have been in the information gathering phase…We are now at the stage of starting to talk to some of the individuals who were affiliated with the Trump campaign media that, at least in the press, have been mentioned that they might have had contacts with the Russians…I would not expect us to have those answers because we’ve not talked to any of those Trump affiliates and Trump associates. Ask me that same question in a couple of months, and I think we’ll have much more clarity….In terms of contacts and collusion, I have never seen so much smoke and so many possible threats…We have acceptance from Senators on both sides of the aisle…I want to get this done because the American public deserves to know the truth…With the value of hindsight, yes [the Obama administration choked]…but noone really put all the pieces together until after the election…”

Also check out Sen. Warner’s comments on American capitalism, the changing nature of work, how Democrats can win elections (“we have to say there needs to be a new social contract”; “the Democratic Party has always been at its best when we’ve been leaning into the future”), etc.

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