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Videos, Photos: “Walking the Line: Into the Heart of Virginia” Along Path of Proposed Fracked-Gas Pipeline


I’m hopeful that people who actually took part in this march post here about their perspectives, what they learned, why they’re doing this, etc. For now, though, I wanted to post some video and photos from “Walking the Line: Into the Heart of Virginia”. Thank you to everyone standing up for Virginia’s environment and clean energy future against destructive, short-sighted, greedy fossil fuel interests like Dominion Power (and the politicians they’ve bought and paid for).

Note that the walk was one of “resistance and CELEBRATION along the proposed path of a fracked-gas pipeline (ACP),” which urged everyone to “[s]ee for yourself what is on the line…the forest habitats, mountains, farms and homes that are in danger of irreversible destruction.”

Starting in Highland & Bath Counties with a Kick Off Rally at Noon on Saturday (6/17) at a historic family property on Sam Snead Highway in Bath (https://goo.gl/maps/JBeyY8Y2TMy), that is ‘On The Line.’ 

We will follow as close as possible to the proposed path for 150 miles – Through Bath, Augusta and Nelson Counties, into the heart of Virginia; Buckingham County – the site of the proposed toxin-emitting Compressor Station.

Our vision is of a celebratory, peaceful walk of resistance, to share the stories of the communities and the beauty of the landscape that would be impacted, to raise awareness and help ensure that these ill-conceived plans do not come to fruition.

Together, we can, must, and will prevail.

  • Cindy

    Thank you for sharing. It was sad to see the stunning forest and mountain and know that they’d be destroyed to make room for a pipeline we don’t need. We chastise Republicans for seeming to have a lack of empathy, but when our own Democratic leaders aren’t standing up to fight for the people in this region, the people whose land will be taken through eminent domain, who will watch their family history torn up and destroyed so that Dominion Power can profit, it’s hard to make the claim that we are the party of empathy and concern for all.

  • Jason Peterson

    I walked for the first 3 days before prior commitments drew me away. We need to be making these large scale energy infrastructure investments in renewables, not fossil fuels. Instead we let the extraction/production industry dictate national and state energy policy and (not surprisingly) we wind up headed in the direction that makes the most money for them. We won’t even benefit from these pipelines in any way, if we needed the gas, why are we entering into generation-long contracts to sell it half way around the world? https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-india-usa-lng-idUKKBN19L1B7

    • Yep. There’s also this problem, which should make new fossil fuel infrastructure a complete non-starter from an economic perspective alone.

      The International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned oil and gas companies that failing to adapt to the lower carbon energy agenda could lead to over a trillion dollars worth of assets being abandoned by 2050.

      The IEA estimates that a step-change in climate policy away from fossil fuels and towards cleaner sources of energy would leave a total of $1 trillion of oil assets and $300bn in natural gas assets stranded.

      The report, undertaken in partnership with the International Renewable Energy Agency, said the move to reduce global greenhouse gases could hold “significant consequences for the energy industry” if companies fail to adapt their portfolios in the wake of the Paris Agreement.