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Videos, Photos: “Walking the Line: Into the Heart of Virginia” Along Path of Proposed Fracked-Gas Pipeline


I’m hopeful that people who actually took part in this march post here about their perspectives, what they learned, why they’re doing this, etc. For now, though, I wanted to post some video and photos from “Walking the Line: Into the Heart of Virginia”. Thank you to everyone standing up for Virginia’s environment and clean energy future against destructive, short-sighted, greedy fossil fuel interests like Dominion Power (and the politicians they’ve bought and paid for).

Note that the walk was one of “resistance and CELEBRATION along the proposed path of a fracked-gas pipeline (ACP),” which urged everyone to “[s]ee for yourself what is on the line…the forest habitats, mountains, farms and homes that are in danger of irreversible destruction.”

Starting in Highland & Bath Counties with a Kick Off Rally at Noon on Saturday (6/17) at a historic family property on Sam Snead Highway in Bath (https://goo.gl/maps/JBeyY8Y2TMy), that is ‘On The Line.’ 

We will follow as close as possible to the proposed path for 150 miles – Through Bath, Augusta and Nelson Counties, into the heart of Virginia; Buckingham County – the site of the proposed toxin-emitting Compressor Station.

Our vision is of a celebratory, peaceful walk of resistance, to share the stories of the communities and the beauty of the landscape that would be impacted, to raise awareness and help ensure that these ill-conceived plans do not come to fruition.

Together, we can, must, and will prevail.

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