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Wednesday News: Health Care “Procedural Madness” in Senate; John McCain’s “Tragic Contradictions”; Trump vs. Rule of Law


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, July 26. Also, check out the video, in which Sen. John McCain says all kinds of things we can all agree with…except that he just voted in contradiction of pretty much all of them. WTF???

  • Spokeswoman says Secretary of State Tillerson “taking a little time off” – uh huh.


    • Laura Lee


      President Donald Trump on Wednesday said the U.S.
      government will not let transgender individuals serve in the military
      “in any capacity,” citing conversations he’s had with generals and

      In a series of tweets, the President said the
      military “must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and
      cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that
      transgender in the military would entail.”

      • Trump’s patented killer combo: stupid//ignorant AND gratuitously cruel. What a guy!

  • Video: Rep. Don Beyer on the Bill Press Show


  • Quizzical

    There are around a million acres of reclaimed mine land in Appalachia that needs to be reforested. We don’t really need Trump or the White House to do something about it.

  • Andy Schmookler

    I’m puzzled about that McCain performance of yesterday. I.e., the combination of that speech and that vote.

    I’ve read what I could find about it, including the pieces linked to here, above. But I remain puzzled. (The VOX piece comes closest to making sense of it, but not close enough to satisfy me: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/7/25/16027528/john-mccain-speech-health-bill-yes-vote.)

    If you’re going to make that speech, why would you vote that way? And if you’re going to vote that way, why make that speech?

    Either one by itself makes a kind of sense. But the two together?

    I don’t get it.

    • Yeah, well, this is the same guy who picked Sarah F’ing Palin as his running mate! LOL

      • Andy Schmookler

        I know that McCain has a spotty record, supposed maverick and then Bush assk-kisser, one might add as an additional tension.

        But still picking Palin doesn’t go any distance in explaining his flying back to rescue a disreputable process that he then proceeds to eloquently denounce.

        I’m left puzzled still.

        • “picking Palin doesn’t go any distance in explaining”

          Sure it does. He’s nuts.

  • Karrie Delaney calls on Jim LeMunyon to Take a Position on Trumpcare

    CHANTILLY, Va. — Community leader Karrie Delaney today released the following statement calling on Jim LeMunyon to take a position on President Trump’s Health Care Bill that the U.S. Senate voted to advance to debate.

    “Despite Trumpcare advancing to debate, Jim LeMunyon continues to hide his position on a bill that would jeopardize coverage for more than half a million Virginians. This is the same person who voted to block Medicaid expansion for 400,000 Virginians. Health care is a local issue, and if half a million Virginians lose insurance, the responsibility will fall on the House of Delegates. Jim LeMunyon continues to ignore his responsibilities and fail the people of Virginia’s 67th District by hiding his true positions. I’m running for Delegate to put solutions before political games and work to expand access to health care in Virginia by making it more affordable and accessible for everyone.”

    Earlier this month, Jim LeMunyon refused to stand up against Trumpcare in an email to a constituent in which he wrote, “I don’t have a position on the Senate bill, just as I didn’t take a position on the House version,” and added that “I don’t intend to spend much time on their details.”

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBhdfuZkVyE

    Sen. Warner spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate today “in opposition to the latest attempts by Congressional Republicans to repeal the healthcare law known as Obamacare. The Senate is expected to spend the next 24-to-48 hours voting on a series of Republican repeal proposals – but senators, and the public, still don’t know exactly what is included in any of them.”

    “Sen. Warner said all of the Republican proposals being discussed would harm Virginians on Medicaid and remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions. He also criticized the need to rush flawed, partisan, and unpopular legislation that would affect one-sixth of the economy.”

    “A transcript of three extended clips from Sen. Warner’s remarks follows. ”

    Senator Warner says any of the Republican proposals would hit Virginians on Medicaid very hard:

    I think about the fact in the last couple of weeks I had the parents of a number of children and young adults who had enormous disabilities come to my office. Being in Virginia, we run a very skinny Medicaid program. Frankly, it’s not been very generous. Some of the individuals who’ve come to my office had waited five, six, one person had waited ten years. to get a Medicaid waiver. These families, these children, in any of the proposals that have been put forward would be the first to lose their coverage.

    And what I hear from my Republican colleagues is they don’t want to own this. They know, in many ways, this is walking the plank on what is both bad policy, bad politics, bad for their constituents. But this notion that somehow they’ve got to provide a win for a President who has provided zero leadership before they can take some kind of August recess is literally the worst reasoning I’ve heard in my eight years in the Senate on why to pass a particular piece of legislation – particularly a piece of legislation that affects one-sixth of our economy.

    I’ve got three daughters. One of my daughters has juvenile diabetes. She’s had it for 18 years. Another daughter has asthma and a very strange set of allergic reactions that’s actually had her hospitalized 38 times in the last 40 months. I’m an extraordinarily lucky individual. I knew that through both health insurance, and because I had the resources, every time my two children got sick, I could make sure they got the medical attention they deserved. I can’t imagine talking to any Virginia family or Washington family or Wyoming family or Arkansas family and trying to explain to them that, if they have a child with the same afflictions that my kids have got – juvenile diabetes … asthma and allergic reactions that through no fault of their own cause this number of hospitalizations – how I could somehow say my kids have got a right to health care but their kids with pre-existing conditions don’t have that right.

  • http://bluevirginia.us/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/toscanosquire.jpg

    Charlottesville, VA – Democratic House Leader David Toscano Endorses ER Nurse Kellen Squire for House of Delegates

    Kellen Squire (D-Barboursville) is pleased and humbled to announce an official endorsement for his candidacy in the 58th district from House Leader David Toscano (D-Charlottesville). Delegate Toscano has been a supporter since the beginning of the campaign and is a true champion for progressive values in Richmond. Kellen stated, “Even though Democratic House Leader Toscano has been leading the charge with support for House races across the state, he reached out personally to me to let me know he supported us in our race in the 58th. It means a lot to me, as a rookie candidate, to receive the endorsement of someone who has been on the forefront of representing the people in Richmond.” This is just the beginning of Kellen and David working together for progressive values in Central Virginia.