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Cville Rising Video: “This is not a hearing, this is a robbery”


Check out the following from the great folks at Cville Rising about stopping Dominion’s crazy, environment-trashing fracked gas pipelines. I encourage everyone to get involved in any way they can to help fight this. Thanks.


Friends, come on out next week…

We need to show up in numbers to say “This is Not a Hearing. This is a Robbery.” if the DEQ (Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality) continue down their current path, and refuse to carry out individual certifications for each body of water.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/302733023463618/

More details & sign up: http://walkingtheline.info/

Join the private FB group, for organizing/carpooling: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1541173499273071/

It’s time to show up, Virginia…this could be our last chance to stop these pipelines at the state level, once the Feds (FERC) give their rubber stamp (that’s what they do, unfortunately).

PLEASE, do not stay home.

OUR WATER is simply too important.

Learn the ‘Sow Em On The Mountain’ song here: http://walkingtheline.org/



Were a blue shirt (No Pipeline, if you have one), and bring water from your local body of water…or simply from your home! To be delivered to the DEQ at the hearing (Robbery), when we make our comments.


Wild Virginia suggested comments: https://goo.gl/SN9KfQ

Appalachian Voices Petition (also for more talking points): https://goo.gl/eqRN9f

DEQ FAQ’s: https://goo.gl/kgsLDM


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