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During Partial Eclipse of the Sun, Virginia GOP Reveals Total Eclipse of the Soul (Heart, Brain, etc.)


Tweets like this one by the Virginia GOP really show what’s at the rotten core of that party at this point — a total eclipse of the soul, heart, mind, you name it. In sum, religious Roman Catholic Tom Perriello rightfully calls out white pastors/priests if they don’t preach against against white supremacy, and the Virginia GOP responds by calling Tom a “Christian-hating bigot. Of course, consider that the Virginia GOP is led by a guy who’s infamous for telling an anti-Semitic “joke” at a Ken Kookinelli rally, so what else would you expect from these guys? Also, these are the same folks who nominated raving bigot EW Jackson – for Lt. Governor of Virginia, no less! – in 2013. And finally, I’d point out that for decades, certainly since the 1968 Richard Nixon campaign, the GOP is the party that’s employed the so-called “Southern strategy,” the goal of which was “to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans.”  What more is there to say about this party, other than it has a “black hole sun” for a soul?

P.S. Check out Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie’s excellent response, below.

  • C Pruett

    Laying into a guy who isn’t in office or running for office, who was on the ground during the violence in Charlottesville, and with a dash of ‘Catholics aren’t real Christians’? Nicely done.

    • Yeah, great job by John Whit-less as usual. Also, see below for an example, just out from the Virginia House Democratic Caucus, of why the VA GOP might have responded so defensively to what the deeply religious man, Tom Perriello, had to say…

      Rocky Holcomb Still Silent on Hate Group Leader Who Volunteered for His Campaign

      VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Delegate Rocky Holcomb has remained silent as to why a leader of a hate group who volunteered for his campaign said Holcomb shared his values.

      Scott Ryan Presler of ACT for America, which has been identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, organized a hate rally in June in the district that Holcomb represents.

      In December, Presler posted a photograph of himself with Holcomb to his Facebook page. Presler also posted a Facebook live video of himself canvassing for Holcomb in which he proclaimed his support and encouraged his viewers to work for candidates “who are going to be able to uphold our values in office.”

      In a lengthy Facebook post this weekend, Holcomb took great offense to the question posed to him in a press release from the Virginia House Democratic Caucus on Thursday: Why does the leader of a hate group say Rocky Holcomb shares his values? Yet Holcomb’s response did not once mention Presler’s name.

      “Rocky Holcomb cannot in good faith condemn President Trump’s defense of white supremacists and neo-Nazis, while failing to condemn the leader of a local hate group in his own backyard – or in this case, campaign office,” said House Democratic Caucus spokeswoman Katie Baker. “His silence is deafening.”

      Holcomb deleted comments on the post from constituents who questioned his silence on Presler.

  • True Blue

    I loved the fake Facebook news that a “volunteer” for RPV put out about Rosa Parks’ daughter (with a picture of Nina Turner; Parks had no daughter):

    Taking lessons from the twitterer-in-chief?

  • Speaking of Republicans…yes, Trump really is the stupidest “president” (in air quotes because I use that word loosely in his case) ever.


  • Whit-less apparently never learned the basic rule, when you’re deep in a hole, you might want to stop digging…