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New Q-Poll of Virginia: Northam 44%-Gillespie 38%; Dems Lead 49%-38% for House of Delegates


Increasingly, it’s looking like the Virginia governor’s race is settling in as a 5 or 6-point lead for Democrat Ralph Northam over Republican Ed Gillespie. The latest is the new Quinnipiac University poll (Northam +6 points), which follows yesterday’s VCU poll (Northam +5 points). Here are some details from the new Q-Poll.

  • Ralph Northam leads Ed Gillespie 44%-38% among Virginia voters, with Libertarian Cliff Hyra at just 4%. Northam’s lead is down slightly, from 8 points, in the June 21 Q-Poll.
  • Major gaps based on gender, race, education level: “Northam leads 51–33 percent among women, 48–39 percent among white college educated voters and 56–21 percent among non-white voters. Gillespie leads 44–35 percent among men, 54–28 percent among white voters with no college degree and 47–38 percent among all white voters.”
  • Democrats looking good for House of Delegates: “Virginia voters say 49–38 percent that they would like to see the Democrats in control of the State Legislature.”
  • This question is misleading, as the only choices given are taxes, the economy, education, health care, or immigration: “Health care is the most important issue in deciding how they will vote in the governor’s race, 36 percent of Virginia voters say, while 25 percent list the economy and 16 percent cite education.”
  • Virginia is NOT Trump country: “Virginia voters disapprove 61 – 36 percent of the job President Donald Trump is doing.” Basically, everyone except for Republicans disapproves of the authoritarian nutjob in the White House…
  • Virginia Republicans want Gillespie to stick with Trump: By a 48%-21% margin, Virginia voters say they’d be LESS likely to vote for a candidate for governor who supports Trump. However, among Republicans – and this is a trick balancing act for Gillespie – 52% say they’d be MORE likely to vote for a candidate who supports Trump, while just 7% say they’d be less likely.
  • Virginians feel good about our state’s economy under Democratic leadership: 72% of Virginia voters describe the Virginia economy as excellent (7%) or good (65%), with just 27% agreeing with Ed Gillespie in talking down our economy.
  • Virginia voters like Gov. McAuliffe, Senators Kaine and Warner: “Voters approve 51–35 percent of the job Gov. Terry McAuliffe is doing, up from 47–37 percent June 21. U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine gets a 54–38 percent approval rating and Virginia voters say 50–40 percent that he deserves to be reelected. U.S. Sen. Mark Warner gets a 59–30 percent job approval rating.”

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