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Tom Perriello Has Three Questions for Jerry Falwell, Jr.


Tom Perriello, kicking butt as usual, has three questions for Liberty “University” President and all-around extremist nutjob Jerry Falwell, Jr. I can’t wait for Falwell and/or his pals in the Virginia GOP to respond…always fun times when VA GOP Chair John “Anti-Semitic Joke Dude” Whitbeck tweets, speaks, or otherwise expresses himself.

The Republican Party of Virginia recently sent some tweets that I considered an insult to Christianity. To my surprise, Jerry Falwell echoed their statement. These are my three honest questions for him:

1. The RPVA suggests I insulted evangelicals while the record clearly shows that is false. I criticized “evangelical leaders,” specifically those who have not condemned white supremacy. Will you call out the RPVA for bearing false witness and retract your tweet?

2. I stated that white supremacy is anathema to Christianity because it is insult against the image of God in another. Do you disagree with me? If you do not, why would my statement be “anti-Christian”? I tweeted that pastors who put their loyalty to whiteness ahead of their loyalty to Christian teaching are worshiping a false God. Do you disagree with that?

3. If you could travel back two weeks in time, would you choose to pray with the clergy of all races who knelt in the face of Nazis and the KKK outside Emancipation Park?

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