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VA GOP Attacks Ralph Northam for Rejecting…Slavery and White Supremacy? HUH???


Look, it’s not exactly surprising that a Virginia Republican Party which worships Trump and which is headed up by the likes of John “Anti-Semitic Joke Dude” Whitbeck, Cynthia Dunbar (“Dunbar stoked national controversy when she tried to insert historical revisionist views into the Texas public school curriculum and  textbooks.”; “Dunbar once led the board in praying for ‘a Christian land governed by Christian principles’ and asserting that the Bill of Rights came straight out of the Bible”; ” Dunbar asserted that lawmakers ‘don’t have the freedom to make any laws if they are contrary to what God has said in his Holy Scripture.'”) and Jo “Toxic Twitter account” Thoburn would be bat**** crazy. Still, one doesn’t expect to see tweets like the following one, accusing Ralph Northam of….WHAT???

Yeah, apparently the VA GOP is angry at Ralph Northam for turning his back on his ancestors who owned slaves back in the 1850s/1860s. So, what’s the deal, the VA GOP Are is upset with Ralph for turning his back on… white supremacy and slavery? What next, is the VA GOP going to call Ralph Northam a “race traitor” or something?

And if you think that’s hyperbole, check out the VA GOP’s insane rhetoric against Tom Perriello, a religious Catholic who they’re smearing as a “Christian-hating bigot” (because Tom said white pastors/priests must preach against white supremacy “as blasphemy against [the] image of God”). Nope, you really can’t make this stuff up, except in the craaaaaazy world of the Virginia GOP, perhaps.

P.S. For the record, Ralph Northam’s stance on Confederate statues is that they “should be taken down and moved into museums,” of course “work[ing] with localities on this issue” and also “memorializing civil rights advocates like Barbara Johns and Oliver Hill, who helped move our Commonwealth closer towards equality.”


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