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Video: McAuliffe – Arpaio Decision “Against the Rule of Law”; Sure Sounds Like TMac’s Running for President


Jake Tapper is right; that statement about whether or not he’s running for president in 2020 by Terry McAuliffe was about as non-Shermanesque as you can get. Translation: McAuliffe will begin his run for president shortly after his term as governor of Virginia runs out in early January 2018. Oh, and if McAuliffe has any hope of getting the support of environmentalists like myself, he’d better spend his last few months as governor telling Dominion Energy where to shove its fracked gas pipelines, and using the full power granted to Virginia under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act to stop these monstrosities.

  • Perseus1986

    I’d rather see Ralph run and cede the governorship to Justin Fairfax if he wins than have McAuliffe run. He has too strong connections to the Clintons. Regardless of ideology or political bent, I think we’ve seen that nothing unifies the right like the Clintons. We need new faces that can claim independence from the old party personalities in order to move forward.

    • Another Scott

      Really? Your thought process for picking the Democratic nominee is based on whether the Republicans like the candidate or not?

      I think we can confidently predict that whoever the Democrats pick, the GOP will attack them with every made-up smear they can think of. It’s what they do.

      If Terry wants to run in 2020, fine by me.

      I’m much more worried right now about the election next week and the ones this fall than 2020 though, myself.