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Eight of Top Ten Fundraisers for Virginia House of Delegate Races Are Democrats


From the Virginia House Democratic Caucus:

Eight of Top Ten Fundraisers for House of Delegate Races Are Democrats

RICHMOND, Va. – Eight of the top ten fundraisers for House of Delegates races during the last reporting period were Democrats, according to an analysiscompiled by the Virginia Public Access Project on Saturday.

The reporting period covered July 1 through Aug. 31.

“Of the top ten fundraisers in House of Delegates races, eight were Democrats,” said House Democratic Leader David. J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring. “That formidable performance speaks both to the strength of our candidates and of our message. Democrats will work to expand access to affordable health care and will stand up to repeated Republican attacks on women’s health. We are thankful for this tremendous showing of grassroots support and look forward to continuing this momentum into November.”

Toscano further added, “Elections are not won solely on the basis of fundraising; we are building grassroots activity in each district to carry us through November. But these figures show the strength of our candidates and the power of our message.”

The eight top Democratic fundraisers were:

Danica Roem, District 13.
Elizabeth Guzman, District 31.
Delegate John Bell, District 87.
Chris Hurst, District 12.
Hala Ayala, District 51.
Karrie Delaney, District 67.
David Reid, District 32.
Donte Tanner, District 40.

The following Democrats running for currently GOP-held seats outraised their Republican opponents.*

Jennifer Carroll Foy outraised Michael Makee in District 2.
Bill Bunch outraised Delegate Will Morefield in District 3.
Wendy Gooditis outraised Delegate Randy Minchew in District 10.
Chris Hurst outraised Delegate Joseph Yost in District 12.
Danica Roem outraised Delegate Bob Marshall in District 13.
Djuna Osborne outraised Delegate Chris Head in District 17.
Michele Edwards outraised Delegate Dickie Bell in District 20.
Brent Finnegan outraised Delegate Tony Wilt in District 26.
Larry Barnett outraised Delegate Roxann Robinson in District 27.
Ben Hixon outraised Delegate Nick Freitas in District 30.
Elizabeth Guzman outraised Delegate Scott Lingamfelter in District 31.
David Reid outraised Delegate Tag Greason in District 32.
Tia Walbridge outraised Delegate Dave LaRock in District 33.
Donte Tanner outraised Delegate Tim Hugo in District 40.
Kathy Tran outraised Lolita Mancheno-Smoak in District 42.
Hala Ayala outraised Delegate Rich Anderson in District 51.
Morgan Goodman outraised Delegate Buddy Fowler in District 55.
Melissa Dart outraised John McGuire in District 56.
Schuyler VanValkenburg outraised Eddie Whitlock in District 72.
Debra Rodman outraised Delegate John O’Bannon in District 73.
Steve Aycock outraised Delegate Mark Cole in District 88.
Sheila Crowley outraised Delegate Keith Hodges in District 98.
Willie Randall outraised Delegate Rob Bloxom in District 100.

*The amounts reflect in-kind contributions, but not loans. 


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