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Show Them This Is Not Who We Are


by Frank Anderson, Executive Director, Fairfax County Democratic Committee

After months of bragging about his “big heart” for DREAMers and immigrants’ families, Donald Trump has announced the cancellation of the DACA program.  He did so in typical cowardly fashion — after the weekend’s trial balloon went over so badly — by hiding from the public and instead sending Attorney General Jeff Sessions to read a statement without taking questions from the press.

We once again have confirmation of the true nature of President Trump, who opened his campaign by calling immigrants rapists and murderers, used “build the wall” as a campaign slogan, issued executive orders barring refugees, stepped up ICE raids, and now this – one of the cruelest acts he’s taken so far.

With all that he has done and said, there is no reason to believe that Trump’s motivation for punting this issue to Congress comes out of pure concern for the rule of law. Trump’s decision serves no purpose other than to make his base supporters happy and to blindly follow their operating rule of “If Obama was for it, we’re against it.”

As Senator Tim Kaine and other leaders have demonstrated, DACA recipients are not a threat to our country.  They are in fact among the most productive individuals.  91% are employed; three quarters are pursuing higher education; they pay federal & state taxes; they pay fees to the government to apply or renew their status, and they have no criminal record.

Now it is time to fight.  Congress is back in session and the Dream Act has already been introduced.  It is now in the hands of House and Senate committees.  They must bring these bills up for consideration and hear from us.

Dream Act of 2017
S. 1615  (US Senate)
H.R. 3440 (US House)

It starts in these congressional committees:
Senate Judiciary Committee Membership
House Judiciary Committee Membership

There are other bills you may wish to support, such as the American Hope Act (H.R. 3591)

In addition to contacting Congress directly, we can exert public pressure and stand in solidarity with DREAMers around the country.

If you have more resources or actions to share, please provide them in the comments.  Thank you!

– Frank Anderson



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