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Video: Hala Ayala Working Hard to “Turn This State Blue”


To help Democrat Hala Ayala turn the 51st House of Delegates district blue (note that this district went 50%-44% for Hillary Clinton in November; was neck and neck between Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe in 2013), please click here. Or, check out your local, Democratic House of Delegate candidate’s website – particularly those in the most competitive districts (e.g., 2, 42, 67, 13, 32, 31, 51, 72, 21, 12, 94, 50, 68, 40, 73, 100, 10, 85). Go Hala Ayala – and go Team Blue!

P.S. Thanks to Ken Boddye (see photos below) for this video of Hala Ayala, as well as for all his hard work helping elect Democrats!


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