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Sunday News: Global Warming-Fueled Irma Reaches Florida Keys; “Political candidates have to confront Virginia’s racial history”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, September 10.

  • The north turn of #Irma has finally taken place. Major Hurricane Irma back at Category-4 intensity; 130mph winds. Florida landfall imminent. pic.twitter.com/Mnzf2OMwbH— Michael Ventrice (@MJVentrice) September 10, 2017

  • Robert Reich demolishes Peter Baker’s absurd NY Times story

    The notion that Trump is ending 150 years of two-party rule is absurd. America has 6 parties right now:

    1. Establishment Republicans (large corporations, Wall Street, major funders, who most of all want their taxes cut).
    2. Anti-establishment Republicans (Tea Partiers, Freedom Caucus, and libertarians, who most of all want a smaller government with shrinking deficits and debts).
    3. Social conservative Republicans (evangelicals, rural Southern whites, and white supremacists, who mostly want America to return to “white Christian” values).
    4. Establishment Democrats (upper middle-class professionals, whose biggest issues are the environment and government competence).
    5. Anti-establishment Democrats (younger, grass-roots movement types, and progressives who still call themselves Democrats, whose biggest issues are widening inequality, racism, and the undermining of democracy by big money).
    6. Donald J. Trump (whose biggest issues are making more money, getting more power, getting more attention, and getting even).

  • Video: Hillary Clinton speaks on CBS Sunday Morning


  • Dan Rather:

    Do you feel a deep anxiety in the pit of your stomach for a world in tumult? I feel it too.

    Do you worry for all those in harm’s way of Hurricane Irma, and those still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the wildfires of the West? I worry too. All those people are very much in my thoughts

    Do you wonder at the direction of our nation, and the larger world? I wonder too.
    These are not easy times. Or peaceful times. Or fair times. We are hurting, and we are destined to hurt some more.

    Sadly, I have seen more than my share of sadness, loss, and tragedy in my life. That is a reality of my chosen career. As a journalist, I have felt the deep worry of waking up and not knowing what new misfortune the day may bring.

    As a boy, I remember listening to the Battle of Britain, worrying that England may fall to the Nazis. Shortly thereafter I was stricken with rheumatic fever and I remember my mother worrying, when she thought I was out of earshot, whether I might live.

    I remember the dark days of the violent suppression of the civil rights movement, and the assassinations of President Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy.

    I remember the jungle, delta, and highlands hell that was Vietnam.

    I remember the dawning horror of the full scope of Watergate.

    I remember the hostages in Iran, and the terror attacks, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Each of those difficult times, and so many others, brought their own measure of heartache and loss. They left lasting scars on individuals and the nation as a whole.

    But somehow we were able to make it through – a resilient society on an imperfect path to greater justice. Sometimes, oftentimes, it does get better. Let us hope that it will again. I believe it will.