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Video: Tom Perriello and Hala Ayala Discuss Urgent Need For Medicaid Expansion, Quality/Affordable Health Care in Virginia


Former Congressman Tom Perriello and Hala Ayala, candidate for the House of Delegates, 51st District (Prince William County), held a press conference a little while ago to discuss the need for affordable health care, Medicaid expansion and what it would mean for Prince William County (and Virginia in general). At one point, Hala Ayala tears up talking about Republican efforts to roll back Medicaid expansion and the Affordable Care Act:

It makes me sad, because it saved my son’s life. What else can I say other than these are services and options and opportunities for people to live and thrive in our community and be healthy. And then they’re able to then live and contribute to their communities…get civically engaged or watch their child walk across the stage when they graduate from high school or college…That’s why it’s important for people to get out and vote, register to vote and make sure they do vote on November 7. We will fight for all those humanitarian rights for people in the community…and that’s what’s at stake.

UPDATE : More of the Tom and Hala Show! 🙂


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