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Video: Tom Perriello and Justin Fairfax Explain Why the 2017 Virginia Elections Matter So Much


Let’s just put it this way: we could do a LOT worse than if these two guys – former Rep. Tom Perriello and Democratic Lt. Governor nominee Justin Fairfax – represent the future of Virginia politics. Both are obviously super smart. Both are obviously super articulate, dynamic, passionate and inspirational. Both obviously “get it” on the types of things we need to do as a Commonwealth to move forward in a sustainable, inclusive, equitable way moving forward. And as an added bonus, both are young (Fairfax is 38, Perriello is 42), which means that they could be around in Virginia politics for decades to come.

So…check out the following video of Tom introducing Justin, and of each demonstrating everything I just said. Oh, and make sure you vote Democratic – and most importantly, that you VOTE in these crucial elections for Virginia governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and the entire House of Delegates – on November 7. Want to start turning the country around after the disastrous past 9 months or so? Then guess what, you have your chance – in just 51 days, right here in Virginia.

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