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Video: Rising Star Jennifer Carroll Foy’s Amazing Story Shows Women Can Do Anything


I heard the following story (video below) back in June, after Jennifer Carroll Foy won her primary in Virginia’s 2nd House of Delegates district (Woodbridge/Quantico) by just 12 votes out of 4,352 cast, but was sworn to secrecy. Now, given that Carroll Foy is telling the story herself on NBC News 4, I think that the vow of secrecy can safely come off. 🙂 With that, enjoy hearing from one of the most impressive candidates I’ve met this election cycle about how she won the Democratic nomination (against a very strong opponent, Josh King) while confined to bed rest due to a difficult/premature pregnancy – with twins no less!

Of course, as I noted back in July, this rising star never ceases to impress, like when she “earned a full scholarship to Virginia Military Institute and enrolled in the third class of female cadets to attend the historically all-male college.” Or when she founded “the Foundation for Foster and Orphan Children, a 501(c) 3 organization,” whose “mission to help build a better future for foster and orphan children in Virginia and beyond.” As an added bonus, Carroll Foy is a strong progressive and environmentalist (she supports “a strong renewable energy standard that mandates a large increase in Virginia’s use of renewable energy” and opposes “pipelines, fracking, coal plants or offshore drilling” and has signed Activate Virginia’s pledge “never to accept campaign contributions from either Dominion or Appalachian Power”). Finally, Carroll Foy is in a district carried 56%-39% by Hillary Clinton, and where we can and MUST win on November 7. Let’s do it!

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