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“Alt-Right” Steve Bannon Goes All In For Ed Gillespie and His Race-Baiting Campaign


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

NEW: Bannon Goes All In For Ed Gillespie

Bannon So Impressed With Gillespie’s Race-Baiting Campaign, He Wants In On The Action

Corey Stewart Is Happy That Gillespie Has Moved Further To The Right

In a bombshell report published this evening, the Washington Post revealed that behind the scenes, Steve Bannon is backing Ed Gillespie — and actively helping his campaign. The Post reported that Bannon and former Trump campaign official David Bossie are urging Corey Stewart to endorse Gillespie. Both men believe that a Gillespie victory would buoy Donald Trump’s flailing political capital.

“It looks like Steve Bannon was so impressed with Ed Gillespie’s race-baiting campaign that he wants in on the action, ” said DPVA spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “The fact that Gillespie is now relying on Bannon to re-unite the Republican Party of Virginia shows just how desperate and morally bankrupt his campaign has become. If Gillespie really cares about being a governor for all Virginians, he should immediately disavow Steve Bannon’s support.”

Here are some key takeaways from the Washington Post article:

  1. Steve Bannon is Working Behind the Scenes to Support Ed Gillespie

“Corey Stewart, who pilloried Republican Ed Gillespie during their GOP gubernatorial primary fight in Virginia, has been communicating with Gillespie about a potential endorsement at the urging of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and President Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, David N. Bossie, according to five people familiar with the matter.”

  1. Stewart is Now Happy With Gillespie for “Moving Farther to the Right”

“Stewart confirmed his willingness to endorse and stump for Gillespie in an interview with the Washington Post on Tuesday, praising the candidate for ‘moving further to the right.’”

  1. Trump Allies See a Gillespie Victory As A Win for Donald Trump

“Bossie and Bannon could notch a win for their wing of the party — and thwart the possible political takeaway that Trump’s unpopularity sank Gillespie in this year’s only competitive governor’s race, and threatens to do the same for Republicans running in next year’s congressional mid-terms.”

  1. Ed Gillespie Was Ignoring Corey Stewart — Until Stewart Confronted Cathy Gillespie. The Two Now Regularly Communicate.

“Stewart broke the ice recently with a text message to Gillespie, but there was no response until after Stewart ran into Gillespie’s wife, Cathy, at the Family Foundation’s annual gala last weekend in Richmond, two of the people said. Cathy Gillespie apologized to Stewart that her husband had not yet responded to his text. Soon afterward, Gillespie himself replied and the two have since texted back and forth.

Washington Post: Corey Stewart in talks to endorse Gillespie at urging of Trump allies Bannon and Bossie


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