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Chutzpah! Gillespie Cites WaPo Editorial Ripping His “Toxic” Campaign to Argue He’s “Centrist,” “Pragmatist”


Gotta give points to Ed Gillespie for chutzpah, if not for honesty or integrity. Check out Gillespie’s mailer below, in which he touts himself as (supposedly) “pragmatic” and “moderate.”  (note: h/t to the National Journal, which I’m told first had this story, unbeknownst to me since it’s behind a strong paywall…)

The only problems: 1) Gillespie abandoned any pragmatism or moderation in this campaign, during/following the scare given to him by neo-Confederate bigot Corey Stewart in the GOP primary this past spring, at which point Gillespie lurched to the far, far right; 2) the Washington Post editorial Gillespie’s quoting from actually RIPPED Gillespie for flirting with “toxic ideas,” for hiring “Trump’s own field director for Southwest Virginia, Jack Morgan, a blowhard who says America is headed for a civil war and that the movement to take down Confederate monuments is a communist plot to subvert the nation,” for “using Confederate monuments as a wedge issue,” and “for courting white nationalists already energized by Mr. Trump’s race-baiting.”

Can you get more dishonest than Gillespie quoting from THIS editorial to argue he’s actually a “moderate” “pragmatist?” Un-be-friggin’-lievable.


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