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Gillespie Won’t Lobby Trump To Preserve Anti-Gang Funding


From the Northam campaign…utter hypocrisy and cynicism, as usual, from slimeball Ed Gillespie.

Gillespie Won’t Lobby Trump To Preserve Anti-Gang Funding

Ed’s Loud Silence On Trump’s Budget Cuts To Key Programs In Northern Virginia

Richmond, Va. — Today, Ed Gillespie once again ducked all mention of his biggest supporter, Donald Trump, in a press conference. During the event, Gillespie was silent on Donald Trump’s proposed budget eliminating funding to the Northern Virginia anti-gang task force that provides after-school programming as a form of gang prevention. Rather than stand up to the president on the importance of preserving this funding source, Ed Gillespie would rather stand down.

Questioned by reporters about when he will join President Trump on the campaign trail, Ed Gillespie shut down discussion there too.

Ed Gillespie: “Well you know, as I know President Trump does not disclose military strategy, he’s made a point of that, for not telling enemies what to expect and I think that’s a good approach to our campaign strategy as well. And so the Democrats are just going to have to wait to find out what our campaign strategy is in the last 12 days.

Reporter: How hopeful are you for that?

Ed Gillespie: “Thank you, I’ve answered this question many, many times and I’m going to give you that answer again today.”

Northam for Governor press secretary, Ofirah Yheskel, issued the following statement on Ed Gillespie’s rocky relationship with President Trump:

“Ed Gillespie claims he’ll get his phone calls answered by the White House, but he avoids questions about the President as if they were the plague. If he’s afraid to say the President’s name, is he really going to pick up the phone?

“However, the real shame here is that Ed refuses to stand up to Donald Trump – even when he’s hurting Virginia’s ability to combat gang violence.  Trump’s budget eliminates funding to a key anti-gang program the Northern Virginia anti-gang task force uses to provide our kids with after-school activities. Yet, Ed, who prides himself on being an effective lobbyist, won’t lobby the White House on behalf of Virginians. It seems like Virginia is a client he doesn’t care to serve.

“Virginians don’t need a doormat, they need a leader with the backbone to fight for our priorities, and Dr. Ralph Northam has shown he is the only candidate that fits the bill. Dr. Northam has been vocal about this administration’s threats to our healthcare, economy, and environment where Ed has been silent. He’ll continue using his voice for Virginians as their next governor.”


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