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Latest Virginia Cash-on-Hand Numbers for U.S. Senate, Key Congressional Districts


See below for fundraising totals, courtesy of the FEC, as of the end of September 2017 for U.S. Senate and key Congressional races in Virginia for 2018. Right now, Sen. Tim Kaine’s looking good, with several Congressional districts showing strong fundraising numbers by Democratic challengers to Republican incumbents. For instance, check out the 10th CD – one of the top targeted races in the country – as well as the 5th and 7th. We’ll see if Democratic fundraising in the 1st or 2nd CDs pick up at all, but for now incumbents there are way ahead in the money race. As for the 3rd, 4th, 8th and 11th, they’re all safe Democratic, while the 6th and the 9th are about as safe Republican as you can get, sad to say (given the fact that each of those districts is represented by a far-right embarrassment, Bob BADlatte and the disgraceful, science-denying Morgan Griffith).

U.S. Senate: Sen. Tim Kaine ($8.5 million cash on hand – CoH) Trouncing Neo-Confederate Extremist Corey Stewart ($150k CoH)

1st CD: Rep. Rob Wittman ($1 million CoH) Wayyyy Ahead of Ryan Sawyers ($39k CoH), Who is Way Ahead of Edwin Santana ($5.9k CoH)

2st CD: Rep. Scott Taylor ($531k CoH) Wayyy Ahead of Dave Belote ($134k CoH), Who is Wayyyy Ahead of Karen Mallard ($11k CoH)

5th CD: RD Huffstetler ($450k CoH) Ahead of Leslie Cockburn ($275k CoH), Ben Cullop ($107k CoH) and Rep. Tom Garrett ($85k CoH)

7th CD: Rep. Dave Brat ($405k CoH) Ahead of Daniel Ward ($228k CoH), Abigail Spanberger ($210k CoH) and Eileen Bedell ($11k CoH)

10th CD: Rep. Barbara Comstock ($987k CoH) Ahead of Alison Friedman ($553k CoH), Dan Helmer ($398k CoH), Jennifer Wexton ($346k CoH), Lindsey Davis Stover ($341k CoH), Deep Sran ($150k CoH) and Shak Hill ($33k CoH)


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