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Monday News: “Trump’s Boogeymen? Women!”; Khizr Khan on Trump, Kelly, Soldiers’ Deaths in Niger


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, October 23.

  • Ed Gillespie fundraises off of Barack Obama’s call to strengthen our democracy? WTF???


  • Video: Kellen Squire discusses his campaign with Tom Perriello


  • National Black Farmers Association Endorses Ralph Northam For Governor Of Virginia

    Richmond — The National Black Farmers Association today proudly announced their endorsement of Dr. Ralph Northam to be the next governor of Virginia.

    “Dr. Northam grew up on a farm himself, and knows the hard work it takes to be successful in this work,” said NBFA Founder and President John Wesley Boyd Jr. “He also knows that inequity exists in the system, and has proven he’ll listen to these concerns, and work to correct them. I am confident in our endorsement of Ralph Northam, knowing he’ll stand up for the civil rights of all our members, and make sure they have the resources, training, and access to economic development necessary to keep our industry thriving.”

    Dr. Northam has a long-standing commitment to expanding economic opportunity for all Virginians, and especially to making sure the rural areas of the Commonwealth are not forgotten. Ralph has been a supporter of Virginia’s Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development (AFID) program, which provides seed money for projects that create value-added agriculture or forestry products in the Commonwealth, and requires those who benefit from the program to source at least 30 percent of their products from Virginia farms, boosting agribusiness.

    Dr. Northam also understands that workforce development is key to ensure agriculture remains a backbone of the state’s economy, which is why he put for his G3 Program – get skilled, get a job, give back.

    “I’m proud to receive the endorsement of NBFA, whose farmers represent the entrepreneurship and ideals of small business development,” said Dr. Ralph Northam. “I learned a lot of lessons growing up on my family’s farm on the Eastern Shore, but the most important is that you reap what you sow. Here in Virginia, we’re blessed to have a thriving agricultural economy. But if we want to continue to grow our agricultural economy — and in turn, create opportunities for our rural communities to thrive — we have to commit to continued and expanded investment. Virginia is my home, which is why I’m committed to approaching economic growth by utilizing the success of our agricultural sector.”

    The National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) is a non-profit organization representing African American farmers and their families in the United States, serving tens of thousands of members nationwide.

  • From Progress Virginia:

    Ed Gillespie Doubles Down On Racist Tactics In TV Ad
    Not content with just demonizing the Latino community, Gillespie attacks rights restoration policies

    Richmond, VA – GOP candidate for Governor Ed Gillespie doubled down on his racist campaign tactics today, releasing a new t.v. advertisement attacking Governor Terry McAuliffe’s historic work to restore voting rights to Virginia’s returning citizens. Virginia is one of only a handful of states that permanently disenfranchise individuals with past felony convictions. According to the Advancement Project, prior to Governor McAuliffe’s actions, 7% of Virginia’s adult population was blocked from voting. Of that group, over half are African-American, far outpacing their percentage of the general population.

    “Ed Gillespie has abandoned any pretense of supporting the rights of ‘all Virginians,’” said Progress Virginia executive director Anna Scholl. “On the heels of his despicable attacks on our Latino friends and neighbors, Gillespie is now declaring loud and clear that he’s a strong supporter of racist laws that disproportionately block black Virginians from the ballot box. Our democracy is strongest when every voice is heard. Giving returning citizens who have paid their debt to society a voice in community decisions gives them a stake in our collective future. Ed Gillespie may be unable to forgive Virginians who have made a mistake and done their time but Virginia voters will certainly be unable to forgive his rampantly racist campaign.”