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Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10) Profiting from Trump-Style Charity


by Dump Comstock

Comstock Profiting from Trump Style Charity

Neil Corkery, President of the Sudan Relief Fund, and his daughter gave thousands of dollars last year to Barbara Comstock’s campaign. Why would they do that? Is Barbara Comstock’s re-election more important than famine relief in Sudan?

It appears that the Fund has been overpaying Corkery so he can donate money to extreme right-wing candidates like Barbara Comstock.

If this sounds familiar, it may remind you of the over $1 million in compensation that Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore received from a supposed charity.

  • Just like Moore, the Sudan Relief Fund has paid Corkery almost $1.1 million since 2011, yet the Foundation claims to have no office in America. Corkery was paid $265,500 in 2014 and $257,500 in 2015, for allegedly working just 30 hours a week.
  • IRS 990 tax returns show that Corkery’s wife, Ann, sits on the board along with Dan Casey, another Republican operative, and apparently helps determine Neil’s salary.
  • Opensecrets.org found that in 2012 Corkery “drew paychecks from at least four other” charities involved in Catholic and anti-gay activities and claimed to work 105 hours per week.
  • Federal Election Commission records show that Corkery has made at least 23 similar donations totaling $37,000 to other right-wing and anti-gay politicians, including Rick Santorum, Orrin Hatch and Ed Gillespie.

Corkery and his wife are also deeply involved in right-wing “dark money” fundraising.

  • The Sudan Relief Fund actually shares a Washington DC address with the Wellspring Committee, “a politically active dark money group” that poured $750,000 into an extreme right-wing PAC called Common Sense Virginia. (You probably saw their TV ads in 2013 supporting ultra-rightist Ken Cuccinelli, to be known forever as “Mr. Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound.”)
  • Sudan Relief Fund and Wellspring Committee also share the same accounting firm in Silver Spring, Maryland: Conlon and Associates LLC. As of June 12, 2017, Conlon and Associates was listed as “Not in Good Standing” by the State of Maryland, most likely because of a back tax issue.
  • And, by some strange coincidence, Neil Corkery’s wife is President of the Wellspring Committee and earns $120,000 a year for working 10 hours a week. Like Comstock, the Corkerys are known for their anti-gay beliefs.

In 2011, Neil Corkery lived in Manassas, Virginia and made $135,000 from the Fund for working 40 hours a week. He ousted key Fund directors in a bitter court battle. By 2014 he was making $265,000 for working 30 hours a week and living in a multi-million-dollar house about a six-minute drive from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Perhaps someone should investigate. The Fund solicits money in many states, so any good Attorney General should be able to find jurisdiction.

Voters in VA10 may recall that Comstock returned a check from Donald Trump when it became too hot to hold.

Perhaps Barbara Comstock should return these checks, too.

  • From Jennifer Wexton’s congressional campaign:

    If Barbara Comstock Opposes This Middle Class Tax Increase, Why Hasn’t She Said Anything?

    Given Her Support of Paul Ryan’s Tax Reforms, Only Conclusion is She Supports Ending the State and Local Tax Deduction But Doesn’t Want Voters to Know

    The Republican Tax Reform framework currently being debated in Congress calls for eliminating the deduction for state and local taxes (SALT), to subsidize huge tax breaks for the wealthy. This would impact tens of millions of Americans, and have a disastrous effect on Northern Virginia where half of all taxpayers rely on state and local deductions to lower their tax bill. Eliminating SALT deductions raises taxes on hard-working families, yet Barbara Comstock has been silent on this middle class tax increase.

    In Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, more than 49% of households — the highest percentage of any Congressional district in the country — claimed the state and local tax deduction last year. On average, a 10th District family who takes the SALT deduction is able to deduct $13,500 from their income. Eliminating this deduction will raise taxes by thousands of dollars on tens of thousands of hardworking families in our community. Barbara Comstock’s silence on this issue reveals she supports raising taxes on the middle class, but doesn’t want her constituents to know.

    Other Republicans have spoken out out strongly against this proposal. Rep. Peter King from Long Island said, “I can’t vote for a bill that would eliminate the state and local tax deduction.” Rep. Leonard Lance from New Jersey said, “I believe it is critically important to continue the deductibility of state and local taxes. I believe that this is essential to continue this in the code.” Lance added that he would vote no on any bill that eliminated SALT deductions.

    Despite having more constituents who would be adversely impacted by eliminating SALT deductions than any other Representative, Barbara Comstock has been silent. And despite a growing chorus of other Republicans coming out against eliminating SALT deductions, Barbara Comstock has been silent. A true leader would stand up and speak out on behalf of her constituents against this plan. This can lead to only one conclusion: Barbara Comstock supports eliminating the SALT deductions and imposing a huge tax increase on her middle class constituents, but she doesn’t want anyone to know.

  • RobertColgan

    “Those with the gold make the rules”…..THEIR rules.
    Barbara Comstock is just more tiresome proof how unregulated money has corrupted politicians, politics, and government in this, among many, nations.
    Maybe I should have said “noisome” . . . .

  • Bad news for Comstock from this new PPP polling (survey completed Monday 10/9/17)


    • Perseus1986

      Comstock WILL be voted out in 2018 if the House comes anywhere close to flipping. If she holds, you can forget about the rest of it.

      How did she hold on last year, especially with Clinton winning as that poll shows? I really think the WaPo endorsement was crucial for her to appeal as a moderate GOPer, when, I suspect, it was just a throw away endorsement to give the veneer of being bipartisan. If that was the case, they should’ve just endorsed Charles Hernick in District 8 since he was anti-Trump (in policies if not in vocal opposition) and a no-hoper.

      Or was LuAnn Bennett just a bad candidate?