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Thursday News: “Trump, Corker, Flake and the GOP Civil War”; Mark Halperin a Horrible Political “Analyst” and Horrible Person Too?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, October 26.

  • Even far-right wingnut George Will knows that (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/a-trumpian-shadow-hangs-over-the-virginia-election/2017/10/25/84919a74-b8e8-11e7-be94-fabb0f1e9ffb_story.html?tid=hybrid_popularity_challenger_2_na&utm_term=.22c687f66f54):

    *”A Trumpian shadow hangs over the Virginia election”
    *”In two weeks, Virginia will have the United States’ most consequential election since 50 weeks ago.”
    *”Northam is benefiting from his opponent’s intractable dilemma, that of all Republicans who remember life before 2016 and want to do what they are told cannot be done: Turn the clock back. ”
    *”the Republican candidate, Ed Gillespie, has a problem residing across the Potomac.”
    *Gillespie has been “stoking the anger of those people who seem happiest when furious…with dishonest MS-13 ads featuring tattooed dark-skinned men (“Kill, rape, control.”) and accusing Northam of refusing to crack down on ‘sanctuary cities,’ of which Virginia has none”
    *”If Gillespie enlists Trump to campaign for him, he will thereby embrace a political style that entails a political substance (e.g., harping on MS-13) suited to it. If he does not, Trump’s supporters will notice and accuse him of having standards, yet another swampish vice — the stigmata of elitism.”
    *” if Gillespie wins, Republicans elsewhere will conclude that the derangement of their party does not hinder its prospering.”

    • Also love these top-rated comments:

      “Gillispie’s campaign ads certainly conform with fact free politics. I cannot and will not vote Republican until sanity returns to the party. That means I may not vote Republican ever again. We need a strong and coherent center-right party. Not a far right collection of nuts, charlatans, hucksters, and incompetents. There are whacks on the left too, but there seem to be far less of them as a percentage than the share of whacks on the right.”

      “At first, I thought Ed Gillespie sounded reasonable, but now, after seeing how he would use the people of Virginia by playing on racist fears, I think he is one of the most despicable politicians I have ever seen. BOOO! SHAME! Go back to your spider hole, Ed Gillespie!”

      “‘I’m Ed Gillespie and I’m here to tell you, that anybody who looks vaguely Latino is a rapist and murderer and Ralph coddles them.’ That is the only message Ed has conveyed so far”

  • Video: “Ralph Northam will work with businesses and create more vocational training and apprenticeships to keep our economy growing.”


  • DNC:

    Gillespie Flies in New Mexico’s Incompetent Governor Susana Martinez

    Today and tomorrow, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is traveling across Virginia to campaign for Ed Gillespie. DNC spokesperson Elizabeth Renda issued the following statement in response:

    “After running a campaign based on bigotry and fear-mongering to try to claw his way to Virginia’s executive mansion, Ed Gillespie is making a last, desperate attempt to shore up Latino votes by flying in beleaguered New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. As governor, Martinez has earned New Mexico one of the highest unemployment rates, the highest child poverty rate, and one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the country. With the tax plan Gillespie is peddling, which puts a $1.4 billion burden on Virginia’s economy in order to cut taxes for the 1%, it’s no wonder Gillespie thinks Martinez is a powerful surrogate for his campaign.”

  • From DPVA:

    Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Richard Ellenberg Warns Virginia About Governors Who Use Fear to Run For Office

    Today, as New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez stumps for VA’s GOP gubernatorial candidate, Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Richard Ellenberg sent a warning to Virginia:

    “New Mexicans have a clear warning for Virginians: on November 7, do not make the same mistake New Mexico did. Susana Martinez’s tenure as governor has been a complete failure — and offers a chilling preview of what will happen to Virginia if Ed Gillespie wins. Gov. Martinez’s Republican agenda has led to drastic cuts to public education, an unprecedented level of scandal and corruption, and economic stagnation — and New Mexicans are suffering the consequences. Our unemployment is the second worst in the country; we are at the bottom for education, and crime rates are among the worst in the nation.

    “Finally, like Virginians, New Mexicans take pride in our diversity and see it as one of our greatest strengths. We are deeply disappointed that Gov. Martinez is traveling to Virginia this week to give Gillespie’s divisive campaign a boost. Leaders across the country and political spectrum should be speaking out against Ed Gillespie’s Trump-like fear-mongering, not promoting it. New Mexicans and Virginians deserve better than the failing Martinez-Gillespie agenda.”