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Video: New John Bell Ad Hits GOP Opponent for Supporting ” flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and machine guns”


From Del. John Bell’s campaign:

CHANTILLY, Va.: Today, Delegate John Bell’s (D – Loudoun) reelection campaign released their television ad. Click here to watch.

 “I’m incredibly proud of my record when it comes to keeping our families safe. After 26 years in the military and serving in combat zones, I know what these weapons can do in the wrong hands,” said Delegate John Bell. “That’s why I support measures like universal background checks, and oppose bills that would make it easier to access military-style weapons like flamethrowers. It’s not enough to stand on the sidelines – having the courage to do what’s right includes standing up to the gun lobby for our families’ safety.”

“Republican Subba Kolla is supported by radical politicians and the NRA who want to make our families less safe, not only in public places but even in our homes,” said Jacqueline Hixson, spokesperson for the Bell campaign. “To get the NRA’s endorsement, you have to believe there should be guns in schools, rolling back background checks, and enabling the purchase of flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and machine guns. We don’t need these weapons in our neighborhoods; Subba Kolla is a risk Northern Virginia families can’t afford to take.”


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