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Video: Karrie Delaney Ad Hits Jim LeMunyon “Voter’s Story of Betrayal”


Delaney Campaign Airs Second TV Ad: ‘Fooled’
 Former LeMunyon Voter’s Story of Betrayal
CHANTILLY, Va. — Today Karrie Delaney for Delegate launched its second television and digital ad in the race for Virginia’s 67th House District entitled, “Fooled.” The ad tells the story of Rachel, a voter in House District 67, who provides care for Rogan, an adult with special needs, who lives with her and relies on Medicaid. Two years ago she voted for Jim LeMunyon. He looked her in the eye and said he would vote to expand Medicaid, and stand up for Rogan. Then he voted against it. Rachel finishes stating, “Jim LeMunyon has no integrity and he definitely doesn’t have my vote.”
Will Van Nuys, Campaign Manager for Delaney’s campaign, said, “Jim LeMunyon’s betrayal and failure to stand up for Rachel and Rogan by voting against Medicaid Expansion, even after looking Rachel in the eyes and promising to vote for it, is just another example of LeMunyon prioritizing his political career and loyalty to his party. Rachel is right, Jim LeMunyon has no integrity and the people of Virginia’s 67th House District can’t trust him.” 
Van Nuys continues, “In stark contrast, Karrie Delaney has dedicated her life to public service and putting people before politics. That is why in Virginia’s 67th House District, support continues to grow everyday for Karrie and her commitment to fight for innovative economic development that grows our local economy, our fair share of education funding to provide a world class education to our children, and access to affordable healthcare for all.”

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