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Virginia Republicans Vote to Balloon the Deficit/Debt, Screw Everyone but the Super Rich, Corporations


As if you need any MORE reasons to vote Democratic up and down the ballot both this November and next November, check out this monstrosity of a vote. Yep, every single Virginia House Republican – Dave Brat (7th), Barbara Comstock (10th), Tom Garrett (5th), Bob Goodlatte (6th), Morgan Griffith (9th), Scott Taylor (2nd), Rob Wittman (1st) – just voted to: a) balloon the deficit and the debt in order to give the super-rich and big corporations an unneeded tax cut; and b) to the 99.9% who aren’t super rich.

See below for reaction from Virginia Democrats as it comes in.

 Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement following narrow passage of the FY 2018 Budget Resolution:

“Today, I reiterate my firm belief that legislative budgets are moral documents outlining our principles, values and goals. Congressional Republicans put forward a budget that slashes billions of dollars from the services that hardworking Americans depend on most. The budget heading to the President’s desk is one that values the wealthiest Americans over meeting the basic needs of hardworking families.

“Republicans will follow this disgraceful bill with their so-called ‘tax reform’ plan that will once again demonstrate their priority of protecting and enhancing the already wealthy. This billionaires-first tax plan will be rammed through precipitously, adding $1.5 trillion to the deficit. Apparently, deficits don’t matter anymore.

“Rather, we should be prioritizing bills that will support children and working families such as CHIP reauthorization, or my Pollution Transparency Act. I urge my colleagues to take the time needed and to carefully consider legislation that gives the American people what they really want – better jobs, better wages, high-quality education, and affordable healthcare.”

Unlike 20 Other House Republicans, Comstock Votes to Raise Taxes on Middle Class Families

The Republican Budget Paves the Way to Eliminating the State and Local Tax Deduction

Twenty GOP House Republicans just voted against raising taxes on middle class families. Barbara Comstock wasn’t one of them. Instead she voted in favor of a budget that paves the way to eliminating the State and Local Tax Deduction, a move that would raise taxes on tens of thousands of middle class families in Northern Virginia. Barbara Comstock voted yes on the budget, again ignoring the voices and concerns of her constituents.

“Despite twenty of her Republicans colleagues voting against this budget because they realize the danger it poses to hard-working middle-class families, Barbara Comstock still voted in favor. Eliminating the State and Local Tax Deduction will take real money out of the pockets of tens of thousands of families in Northern Virginia. Barbara Comstock is now on record supporting a middle class tax increase” said Jennifer Wexton.

In Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, more than 49% of households — the highest percentage of any Congressional district in the country — claimed the state and local tax deduction last year. On average, a 10th District family who takes the SALT deduction is able to deduct $13,500 from their income. Eliminating this deduction will raise taxes by thousands of dollars on tens of thousands of hardworking families in our community. 


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